Nothing Will Stop Me Acting Like A Young Boy,Even My Age!- Charly Boy

The controversial singer, Charles Oputa, just clocked 64 and anybody who expects the funky grandfather to change his lifestyle might be in for a long wait.

In an exclusive interview,the Area Fada, as he is also known, said nothing was going to stop him from looking and acting like a young boy, no matter his age.

“There will always be that boy that lives in me. I don’t want to be like you people who want to grow old, be adults, and go through all the shenanigans of adulthood. I just want to be peaceful and playful, so I can’t kill that boy. That boy will always live in me, and that is what has given me that spiritual calm and that is why I relate better with younger people than older people, and I love children more than older people, who are full of intrigues. So, I’m not interested in all that.”

“Wetin I dey take old people dey do? They are old and they are in a hurry to get into their graves, I’m not. You even hear people saying how old they are, as if they are rushing to go somewhere. Life is for living, for me,” he said.

He is known for posting weird and outrageous photographs online which has earned him so many abusive names from fans and foes.

But does this bother him? No way!

“If I’m bothered, I would have stopped. You think say I send them message? I don’t live for the society. People are wondering what people like me are trying to say, but this is a downcast society, no matter how civilised people think we are. Why should I be bothered? I am who I am and I’m not worried about stigmatisation or labelling of any kind. Because I have strong confidence in my person, so I no see anybody. Anything wey you dey talk, na for your pocket, as long as I’m not hurting anybody. What business do we have in being this wretched, when we allow riffraff, thieves and hooligans to rule us just because they have money? Our value system is broken down. Where is our pedigree or heritage? We allow gangsters to terrorise our lives. What is that? Is that the kind of society that will tell a whole Charly Boy what to do? No. Rather, I need to teach them a few things about how to have a better mindset. I could have done better than Jonathan. Not even me, my son could have done better than him,” he said.

Now that he has reached a new age, Charly Boy says retirement is not even for him.

“Wetin dey worry una sef? So anybody above 60 should go around with a walking stick and retire to the farmland. What’s that? Do I look like someone who is tired? Precisely, life is just starting for me. I’m planning to come back and very soon you’d see me everywhere. I’ve been on sabbatical for some time, for my spiritual rebirth, so I’m out now and I’m younger and fresher. Me and una wey young go drag am o,” he said.


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