Equal Political Opportunities for Non Indigenes -Lagos Lawmaker Promises

Amuwo Odofin federal constituency of Lagos State, in the eighth House of Representative, Hon. Oghene Emma Egoh, has promised to bring dividends of democracy to the doorsteps of his constituents for “the great dedication they exhibited” during the election that gave him victory.

Egoh, who won on the platform of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), stated this during a recent thank-you visit to his constituency, adding that non indigenes should be given equal opportunities to realise their political aspirations anywhere in Nigeria, as he dedicated his victory to Awori people (a sub tribe in Yoruba land) “in whose land I have been a sojourner for about 30 years during which period my political career blossomed and others.”

According to him, when he took the oath of office in the National Assembly to represent his people, it called for a sober reflection, so “I dedicate this great victory to the great people of Amuwo Odofin federal constituency whose hard work, moral support and dedication resulted in this huge success we have achieved. Like any other happy event, to God I give the glory.

“I dedicate my victory to Awori people (a sub tribe in Yoruba land) in whose land I have been a sojourner for about 30 years during which period my political career blossomed. The Aworis are the owners of the land I have always represented and I have been integrated with them.
They have been wonderful people, well accommodating and hospitable to non indigenes. They are my people and I consider myself one of them. All the Aworis from the common man to the Bales and Obas are very civilized and friendly people.”

The lawmaker who also called on all Nigerians to always give non-indigenes the chance to realise their political aspirations anywhere in the country, told THISDAY that irrespective of tribe, language or religion, he has vowed to usher in immense infrastructural development in his constituency, the state and country through quality and robust legislation in the House.

He explained that for giving him (a non-indigene) the opportunity to represent the people, he would never let them down, and would make the constituents feel the essence of choosing him to represent them. “I have promised to give it my all to see that the people feel the essence of choosing me among other choice to represent them in the House. I will try my best to bring development to the doorsteps of the people through quality legislation,” Egoh added.

The lawmaker who started as the first non-indigene to be elected a councilor in Badagry Local Government Area and a supervisory councilor in Ojo Local Government Area also in the state, called on other tribes all over Nigeria to allow non indigene to contest elections in their area, adding: “I do not see any reason why a Yoruba or Ibo or South-south person cannot win election in Kano or Kaduna State or in Abuja. In the same vain a Yoruba or a Hausa person should be able to win election in Port Harcourt, Onitsha, Warri among other areas in the South-east and South-south regions.

“Unfortunately, the victory of non indigene does not come easy. Even if the host community is friendly as it is in Awori land of Amuwo Odofin, it is still left for the non indigenes to show sufficient interest and fight for their political right to contest and actually pick nomination form to contest.

“However, no matter how kind or politically friendly they may be, no indigene will fold his hand and allow a non-indigene to score the victory. You have to fight for the political space. You have to join the party to able to contest and win election. You have to fight through the primaries and defeat the indigenes and others to enable you emerge as a candidate. You need to work twice as hard as an indigene in your campaign to win the election.

“In the last election in Britain, four Nigerians won election. In Poland, a Nigerian won election. These victories do not come easy; you have to work hard to seize them.

“As part of my tribute, I would like to thank PDP for giving me the opportunity to contest the election on their platform.

“To the young ones I say don’t give up on your dream. If I can make it after 18 years of trying, you can also achieve your ambition and dreams if only you remain focus and pursue your vision with perseverance and determination.”


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