We Must Be Compassionate To Migrants –Kofi Annan States This, On Twitter page

Kofi Annan,a former Secretary General of the United Nations,has said that there is no end to the challenges posed by illegal migration.

The diplomat and peace ambassador, who stated this on his Twitter page, also appealed to the international community to learn to manage migration issues with compassion.

Annan, a Nobel Peace Prize laureate, anchored his argument on the fact that the conditions that force people to wander from one part of the world to another still exist.

He spoke against the backdrop of the Charleston church incident in the United States, in which a 21-year-old reportedly shot dead nine people inside an historic African-American church in the US city.

Many, including Annan, have described the killings as racially motivated.

According to Annan, such hate crimes have no place in the 21st century global community.

He stated this while praying for victims of the attack on Saturday.

“It is time to accept the reality that, like the waves on the seas that many of the migrants traverse, the ebb and flow of human movement cannot be stopped. That is why the international community must manage migration with understanding and compassion.” he tweeted.

Meanwhile, in another comment published on the website of the Kofi Annan Foundation, the former UN chief said, “The scenes of death and misery that are occurring with increasing frequency in the waters of the Mediterranean and Southeast Asia have focused renewed attention on one of mankind’s oldest activities: migration.

“Today, some 250 million migrants live and work around the world. In the coming months and years, many more will certainly join them. We must put in place policies to manage the flow of people in ways that benefit migrants’ countries of origin, transit and destination.
Of course, we must ensure the well-being of the migrants themselves. This calls for action on four fronts.

“For starters, leaders of destination countries – whether in Europe, Africa, the Americas, Asia or Oceania – should not turn their backs on the desperate and wretched. For many elected officials, migration poses a complex political dilemma: how to reconcile their citizens’ demands with the interests of migrants. They must find the courage to make the case for a humane migration policy.”

Annan, who has used his Twitter page to seek support for Africa and other poor regions, also said that host countries often used migrants as scapegoats despite the fact that they contribute to the development of such countries.

“To be sure, immigrants must agree to adapt to the cultures and customs of the countries in which they settle. But the public in destination countries, for their part, must acknowledge the critical role that the new arrivals can play in the economy. Migrants fill critical skill gaps, perform jobs that others cannot or will not do and replace a country’s workforce as it grows older or shrinks.”He added.


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