5 Great reasons why Jim Iyke, Ini Edo should date

Jim Iyke and Ini Edo have been spreading their cozy selfies on social media for a while now which has risen eyebrows on what’s actually going on between both stars. Since two of them are now very single, it may not be such a bad idea to match them Here are five honest reasons we think ‘JimEdo‘ will work out just fine.

  1. Both stars are very controversial yet have been able to handle the press with ease and pride. If they and their reputations haven’t died yet with what the gossip sites have written about them in the past, then they might just stand up tall in everything else till the end.
  2. Both Nollywood stars are silent millionaires. Well, Jim kind of shows off his cash on his regular shopping sprays but given the fact that both used to be Glo Ambassadors, money no be wahala!!
  3. Jim and Ini are both in the entertainment business and as they say, ”only a star can date/marry a star”. They understand their work schedules and can plan their love lives around it perfectly. They are also into other businesses; Ini produces movies now and also has a bread factory while Jim manufactures bottle water. Looks like their future is secured!
  4. Both survived very public failed relationships. Ini came out of a marriage with Phillip Ehiagwina in 2014 and is more than ready to move on. As for Jim, Nadia Buari got pregnant for another man and had twins. So, they can really handle a fresh start right about now. Don’t you all agree with me?
  5. Unfortunately, both Ini and Jim have no kids. Hence, no one is coming in with baggage. Just to think of it… little JimEdo kids could be so so cute!

There’s no doubt that JimEdo is perfect. They are both talented, focused and independent.



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