In my Father’s Shoes – (Part 3) – My Girlfriend is now my Step-Mom after Dad snatches her from me


Sitting outside in the garden and just pondering over various issue, I heard the blaring of siren and I knew that my dad was back, as the gateman hurriedly rushed and opened the gate, Chief Dada Jalade and his entourage drove inside our compound with speed, he came down from the car and I was shoked to see Folake come out from the other car door, I stood up and walked towards him to confront him and tell him about my discovery, as I approached him and greeted him

ME: Goodday sir! Daddy what are you doing with this evil girl?

My Dad turned and slapped me, grabbing by the collar of my shirt and squeezed it so hard

DAD: Dele it’s high time you respect and accept Folake as your Step-Mother, so just because I travelled for few days you took machete and chased her out my house

{Pointing at Folake now}

DAD: Look at her, how do you think such a woman of class and granduer could bring herself so low to sleep with a driver, next time I hear any complain from you again, I’ll disown you

He pushed and walked angrily into the house and Folake looked at me smiling as she cat-walked, shaking her buttocks and laughing as she walked inside too.

Things began to get missing in the house, from dads expensive watches, ten thousand dollars, and the list went on, Folake even drove one of dad’s choice chrysler out one day, came back without the car the next day, claiming she was robbed, her body covered in dirts, Folake even accused me right before my dad that one of the thieves looked exactly like a friend of mine, I was accused of every theft in my house and I slowly turned to a stranger in my house.

Coming back from church one Sunday morning, I notice a blue Mercedes was trailing my car, and from my rear view I could see the face of the driver and he looked ruffled and deadly, so I sped off with all my might, screeching as I took a sharp turn left into a street and the same car kept following me at high speed and I stopped the car, opened the door and began to run into the bush, the same car stopped and four hefty guys which puffed chest and AK47’s hanging on their arms as they chased me into the bush, I stopped and hid beside a tree as they ran past me, I watched the four them as their eyes kept scouting the bush in search for me, shaking in fear as I held unto the tree not to shake too much and alert them of my hideout, I urinated in my trousers the moment I felt a cold metal pointed my neck and a deep voice that said “If you must I’ll kill you”, I turned and saw one the guys who wore no shirt and his biceps was well carved out, they pushed me and ordered me out the bush into their own car, took my shirt and tied round my eyes as they drove to an unknown destination.

Sitting into darkness and hearing my abductors over the phone, calling someone and telling whoever that was that they are now with the “bastard”, few hours later I heard them in shouts calling the person that opened the door “mama! correct girl”, I became tensed and tried to lift my hand from where it was tied to see if I could remove the cloth tied round my face and the bomb-like slap I got for doing that sent me straight to the ground and then the same hand that slapped me, picked me up and then removed the veil on my face and I struggled with the rays of light to my eyes and before me was Folake! she smiled so loud and said to me

FOLAKE: I thought you would have been reasonable enough, you want to eat your papa billions alone, You see where your greediness don land you?

She turned and looked at the guys that kidnapped me and they began to laugh, she collect the marijuana from one of the guys that was smoking, took a wisp of the smoke and then puffed it on my face, the door opened again and my mum’s driver Femi walked in, it was then I understood the hell I was in, he greeted Folake and then walked towards me and gave me another hot slap saying

FEMI: This big fool, you no fear carry machete dey chase me abi?

As he stretched hand to slap again, Folake held his hand, and then barked at him

FOLAKE: Come see Femi, forget say I dey treat this boy like dis o, I love am die but na him greed be my problem, so no touch am again

Femi apologised to her and left, she then turned to one of the guys and said

FOLAKE: Make una carry am enter room, tie am to bed I wan fuck am, this boy prick big and hin sabi fuck Stay tuned to Part 4!


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