I Am Just Not Comfortable Exposing My Body – Dayo Amusa

The popular actress, Dayo Amusa, talks about her style and why she ventured into music in an interview.

How did you discover your musical talent?

My talent was not something that I just discovered. I knew I had it all along’ it’s just that I paid more attention to my acting career. Now, I realise that I should not let the talent die in me; I need to showcase the talent to the world and that is what I am doing.

When did you discover this talent?

I discovered the talent about 14 years ago. I was a member of the church choir and I also sang in school. I have performed at Canaanland during Shiloh. I just did not take it professionally because I paid more attention to my acting career.

How would you describe your kind of music?

I would say that my music is Afro hip-hop.

What took you so long to showcase your musical talent?

I never penned down a date when I would delve into music. I just felt the time was right and that’s why I went into the studio to record a song. I started out as a musician before I went into acting. When I eventually became an actress, my music suffered for it; I neglected it. Now I feel that I should not let the talent die and show the world what I am capable of. I am not going to quit acting because of music though.

Some people are of the opinion that you are just copying your colleagues who have also gone into music…

I think we are entertainers and I feel it is our job to entertain our audience the best way we can. We are story tellers and we can tell our story either through music or through acting. As entertainers, we should not be restricted to a particular mode of entertaining our audience, especially if we have numerous talents. I am not just an actress, I am an entertainer. I can choose to entertain my audience any way I like as far as I am passing a positive message across to them and I am positively impacting their lives.

You have a piercing on your nose; does it have any special significance?

I don’t have any bias against those who have piercings. Everybody has what they admire in terms of dressing and fashion in general. I have had my nose piercing for over 10 years, it is not something I picked up recently. I have had it way before I became popular; I did it when I did not even know that I would become famous. It shows that it is something that I like.

How come you do not have tattoos?

I have tattoos.

What fascinates you about piercing and tattoos?

They are things I like and I have no regrets having them. There are some people in the industry that began piercing their skin and having tattoos after they shot into the limelight. My case is not like that. This is something I have had years before I got recognised in the industry.

Do people look at you in a negative manner because you have tattoos and piercing?

I don’t think so. There is a popular saying that you do not judge a book by its cover. Before you judge people, you need to get close to them. There are a lot of people that look so calm but when you spend time with them, you will realise they are not who you think they are. People judge me by my look. Based on the way I dress and carry myself, some people feel that I am arrogant; some see me as a snub; some believe that I am a very wild person but I can categorically tell you that people that know me say that I am a nice person. You do not even have to sit down with me for 10 minutes before you know I am a nice person.

What kind of clothes would you never be caught wearing?

If you are observant about me, I don’t really like exposing my body. I think it is because I am a plus size. I am just not comfortable exposing my body. I am a very casual person; I love my palm slippers and jeans. These days, I am conscious of what I wear because of my work.

Do you wear body hugging clothes and mini-skirts?

I might not wear body hugging clothes but I can wear short skirts. I wear short skirts sometimes.

Do you wear shoes with high heels?

I wear shoes with high heels. I have a lot of them but I am just saying that I am more comfortable wearing palm slippers and jeans.

When it comes to fashion, would you say that your physique works to your advantage?

I am not crazy about fashion, I just try my best to be comfortable in whatever I wear. I can’t say if it works to my advantage or not, as far as I don’t walk around naked.

Do you bleach your skin?

It is funny to me whenever people say that I bleach my skin. People compare pictures and movies I featured in about 10 years ago with my recent ones. Whenever they do such, they forget that the kinds of cameras that we used are totally different from what we have now. In terms of technology, a lot of things have changed. If you look at the mobile phones we have now, the cameras have been enhanced and their picture resolutions are higher. It is only logical that the pictures I took 10 years ago would be different from the ones I took recently. People do not reason this way. Also, there are so many applications for editing pictures to enhance its beauty. If anybody decided to stalk my instagram page to determine if I bleach or not by scrutinising my pictures, then I believe the person needs a job.

But do you bleach your skin?

Do I look like someone who bleached? Anybody that wants to know if I bleach should come and meet me one on one.

Do you feel incomplete when stepping out without applying make-up?

Naturally, I don’t make up. I leave my face the way it is but occasionally, I apply it. Most times, I apply make-up because of my work and what people expect from me. I always make sure I am very comfortable; that is why I love jeans and slippers but because of the nature of my profession, I have to play dress-up sometimes. Basically, I would say that my outing determines my look.

What is your fashion weakness?

I love shoes and bags a lot.

If you had an opportunity to alter your body, what would you want to change?

I have never thought of that. I don’t preach against those that do it. It is their life and their choice but I am comfortable the way I am.



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