Luckily For Sunny Nneji, Heaven Sends His Wife To Him

Singer Sunny Nneji in a fresh interview has said he married his ordained wife and he has no regret about it.

The singer confirmed that it is true that he never used to go to church, but when he met his wife, all that changed. He also explained how she has been a blessing to his life. Hear him;

“It is true that I hardly went to church till I met my wife. There is a man for every woman. When you meet the woman that God has destined to be your wife, she sets you on the right path. She would help you organise your life and give it a meaning. The woman would make you more responsible. If you have a woman in your life and she is not helping you to become more focused in life, then there is something wrong. That is why she is your wife. She comes to your life to correct certain things that are wrong.”


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