My Husband cannot sexually satisfy me and he’s also…

There was a mild drama at the Agege Grade ‘A’ Customary Court as a mother of one, Mrs Grace Oguche revealed the reason why she wanted to dissolve her seven-year-old marriage to her husband, Mr. Maxwell Madu.

Grace, a former staff with Dana Airline alleged that her husband does not sexually satisfy her in bed, besides, he has become jobless.

The highly provoked mother claimed that she had not for once enjoyed sex with her husband since they got married.

She said, “My husband does not perform well in bed; it was by God’s glory that we had our son.”

Grace added that her husband maltreated her, stressing that any time she returns from work, he would always accuse her of coming late, calling her unprintable names.

Grace said her husband had failed in his responsibilities as she has become the breadwinner of the family by taking care of the home, providing food and money for him and their son.

She said, “With all I do, my husband doesn’t appreciate me. Ever since he became jobless, I take care of the responsibilities in the house. I go to the market to buy clothes, food items and so on, without any contribution from him.”

When she was asked what she wanted the court to do for her, she replied that the court should dissolve their marriage because her husband could not satisfy her in bed and he had failed to perform his responsibilities at home.

Although Madu claimed what his wife had told the court was not the truth, he nonetheless agreed to divorce his wife.

He said it was his being jobless that pushed the wife to go after other men for sex.

He said, “I love my wife, but I don’t understand her attitude. She changed towards me all of a sudden. My wife keeps late nights, she flirts around with different men and at times, she does not come home.

“My wife is never satisfied with sex; she complains every time and gets it somewhere else from other men. She tells me that there are real men who know how to make love.”

Madu pleaded with the court to dissolve their marriage.

The President of the court, Mr. Emmanuel Shokunle, however, said both parties should go home and make sure they maintain peace before the next adjourned date.

He asked them to come back for their evidence-in-chief and adjourned the case till Oct 20, 2015.



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