(Part 2) True Story of my Gigolo experience with Abuja Sugar Mommies!!!

I sat at the corner watching as Richard took the crisp naira notes, put into his trouser that was hung on the wall, and then came back to the bed with the small can of vaseline, open it and rubbed some at the tip of his condom, then spread the little girls leg wide apart and the looked at her while she clenched the bed tight and her eyes close, richard shifted his waist closer as he said

RICHARD: Just one sharp pain and its all over so relax yourself my dear

He then lowered his waist and then put his dick into her pussy, she screamed as Richard used his hand to cover her mouth as his waist began to go faster

RICHARD: shut up! You wan spoil but you no get mind

He began to put the full length of his cock deep into her as her hymen spilled little drops of blood on the bedsheet as he lifted her up and shifted her to another side of the bed, she was shedding tears but she still wanted more of the hardcore sex because as Richard shifted her and made the move to put his dick back inside her, she said

GIRL: Change the condom please its cover with blood

Richard removed the condom and wore a fresh one as he began to fuck her hand, from the ground where I was pretending to be sleeping, the squeaking of the bed was so loud, as he raised her legs and thrust deep, she stretch her face to kiss him as he pushed her back to the bed and continued to bang her and soon she went screaming words

GIRL: Oh brother, I love as your doing it, uncle this thing is sweet o, oh my heavens kaiiiii!!

And Richard continued until he pulled his dick out and the condom was filled with his cum.


I was returning from the barbers shop some days later when I noticed a jeep following me, I stopped to shout at whoever was following me only to see Hajiya as she smiled with her gold teeth shinning so bright, she look prettier wearing only the shawl over head and then female suit, her wedding ring was the next visible thing on her body because the diamond studded ring shone so bright from the sun rays, she came down from her jeep, locked the car door and then walked straight to me

HAJIYA: Walahi I like you fah! I don’t know why but since that day I saw you, I have been coming to that every night to see if I can see you again

ME: Thank you hajiya, I really appreciate your show of affection but you see where I come from, its a crime to sleep with married women, but If you were single we won’t be talking this

HAJIYA: {Smiling} Seriously mister man your so funny, we live in a civilised you know bah? even we muslims that would never try this before now bask in it

I stood my ground because of my conscience, I would never be happy with myself if I sleep with her, she offer me a lift and when I rejected she insisted saying

HAJIYA: C’mon that won’t you

I enter her car as she was driving, she tried to use her other hand to caress my thighs, I would stylishly grab her hand and take it out, until she arrived right in front of the hotel where I was staying with Richard, she made a fast move and grabbed my dick as she lookedf my eyes and said

HAJIYA: Kai allah you are endowed

I smiled and took her hands off, she opened her pigeon hole, gave me twenty thousand and her complimentary card again, when I made for the door, she grabbed my hand and I turned towards her

HAJIYA: Am a medical doctor, let me tell you why hausa women are horny for non-muslim guys?

ME: No

HAJIYA: You guys are circumsized and that carvings what the lay man would call cap is what stimulates the clitoris during sex, our men that are not circumsized don’t have it and it makes sex boring

That lecture alone was really the expo I needed because I wonder how and why these rich women would be willing to pick any guy from the street and sleep with him, I walked into the compound of the hotel and saw sleeky sitting down by the staircase looking worn out

ME: Sleek baba! the finisher? watsup na dis one you frown face

SLEEK: Brother the runs I go last night, the stupid woman no let me rest, this morning she carry 20k dey give me, i nearly wan slap her, na why I dey like fat mama’s pound dem better one round dem don snore till morning

ME: Take heart my brother, na so street be

SLEEK: I just dey look you from here as you dey mumu inside that car, God dey put sugar for your mouth you dey troway am, if you poor for this life no blame me!

Those words really hit me hard, as I slept alone on the bed that night with Richard no where to be found, I imagined how my life back home was, how I had vow to make it and now am in the war front am shivering away all on the alter of religion, I picked up my phone and brought out hajiya’s complimentary card and dialled her number



  1. No Muslim man you will find uncircumcised, even those that are illiterates know it traditionally not to talk of those who have Islamic knowledge. Circumcision is necessary Islamically

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