(Episode 2) Dangerous experience i had with Sugar Daddies in Port Harcourt


We drank and partied hard! all into total was 3 million naira, i blocked him on facebook while emomo adds him, that how we exchange contact and also keep abreast of what is going in the lives of these men after ripping of huge some of money.

we exchanged chief tonye for mr gilbert! a rich business man whom according to emomo never liked sex but was good at spoils girls with expensive gifts, just as expected, the ever horny adventure seeking sugar daddies are always ready to set up a meeting, he picked from the entrance gate of the university of portharcourt, he was driving a G6 formatic car and had escorts following his car as his siren kept blaring while other motorist gave way for us to pass, that feeling of superiority is nothing but superb.

He barely said a few word not until we got into the room, my mind was relaxed because i heard it on good account that he doesn’t like sex and also that he is definition of a 1 minute man.

Gilbert: Babe you look much more beautiful in real life than your pictures on facebook, i like you

ME: Awwwww that’s nice of you sir

He drew me to his bosom, kissed my neck and whispered in my ears

Gilbert: Nice cologne! i don’t usually get turned on easily but you just did.

As our tongues met each other and entangled, we kissed so deep that i began to feel horny, mr gilbert is very good at kissing, while he raised my gown, and my red pants was staring him at the face as we kissed more and it got intensed, i could feel his fat palm shifting my panties and rubbing on my clit while i grabbed his head and kissed him more, i fondled my way down to his chest, as i unbuttoned his shirt and began to squeeze his nipples and he moaned out loud

Gilbert: bad girl! Arrrrrrgh, dats my button hun, please suck it.

I carefully use my tongue to tease mr gilbert while he used his index finger to insert deep inside my pussy and was really finger fucking me slow and sensual while we kissed, i couldn’t be patient enough for i was too wet and wanted his d**k inside me.

He removed his boxers and unravelled a huge cock before my eyes as i pushed him and used my hand to insert into my wet pussy, i used the cap of his dick to caress my clit a bit before mounting on that d**’k, i directed his hands at my boobs and mr gilbert squeezed it like he was milking my boobs, he sucked my nipples so well that i drove his d**k so hard and furious, whinning and pounding.

I was expecting mr gilbert to cum in 3 minutes but this was 30 minutes and he was hard as ever and i kept pounding, i couldnt believe my eyes when he lifted me up, Spread my legs apart, inserted his dick in my pussy and began to bang me hard, i kept farting and screaming, it was no longer fun but pain, but mr gilbert kept ravaging my pussy, hitting me in a corners

Gilbert: Keep that legs straight, allow me to enjoy this sweet cunt, i told you that u just turned me on

Mr gilbert fucked me till i couldn’t cum any longer, all the liquid in my body as been drained out of my pussy, when he was about to cum, he threw me to the bed, raised my legs to his shoulders and began to fuck me harder than ever!

Gilbert: Oh what a cunt! Sweet fucking cunt! damn am cuming

He grabbed me as his breath go deeper and his cum was all over my pussy.

I pratically passed in bed, and doozed off, by the time i wokeup it was 11pm, mr gilbert was right beside me all dressed up,

Gilbert: Dress up my dear, your going to a party with me

I went into the bathroom and called Emomo on phone

Me: babe howfar where you dey?

Emomo: dat your chief Tonye carry me go one party for G.R.A

Me: Enjoy cuz me sef dey prepare to go groove too.

When i came out from the bathroom all dressed up, mr gilbert hugged me and said

Gilbert: we are going to a friends party in G.R.A, i promise that we won’t be long

…. Stay tuned to Episode 3



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