(Episode 2) Our Adventures at Lagos Night Clubs after been victimized of heartbreaks from men

The masseurs cleaned his hand and walked out of the cubicle, while Chelsea was all sweaty and breathing heavily, just like a robot, he walked into my cubicle with a plain face as if nothing had happened in the other cubicle, i looked and noticed that the bulge was gone, i knew Chelsea would have paid for such extra-Curricular activities and i wanted that too, i was too shy to ask and i wouldn’t have wanted Chelsea to hear me moan, so i talked in small tone

Me: How much will it cost me to get such kinda treatment you gave my friend.

Masseurs: Ma’am actually we don’t run such kinda package here, it was your friend that insisted i do it

Me: I know so tell me how much?

Masseurs: Ma’am anything you have to offer

The moment he consented to giving me a good time, i let my towel fall to the ground, climbed unto the massage table and laid down with my back facing him, i wanted to feel that doggy sensation as he finger fucked me, i grabbed the towel and put into my mouth, i could not afford to moan and be caught by Chelsea for she will blow it out of proportion, her unbridled mouth is one that can announce a single message to over a thousand people in an hour, so i need not get caught.

As he laced the oil from the back of my neck, slowly to my back, down to my butt and thighs, he used his profession to perfection as he gentle caressed my back, then slowly his hand to grab my butt cheek, spanked it a little before pouring more oil in my pussy and butt hole, gently sliding his fingers into my pussy and was thrusting so slow and kept caressing and pressing my butt cheek, before he would fuck me faster and clenched the towel tight with my teeth not to money, he continue for a while before he started spanking me hard and finger fucking me rough, i bent in the doggy position when the pleasure was too much on my pussy to handle.

He opened the zip to his shorts, brought out his long dick, and directed my hands to grab it, the massage oil that was already greasy on my palm helped as a lubricant, as i kept smooching his dick, next thing i noticed his index finger was deep in my anus!

the towel fell from my mouth as i screamed, only for to look and i noticed that Chelsea was aslo peeping from the same hole i was peeping at her when she was on the ‘butcher’ table, i almost wanted to stop but since i have been caught already, i decided to enjoy my time fully and bear the consequences.

His hand still in my anus as he grabbed the massage oil can and poured more oil, one finger in my butt while the other in my anus, he finger fucked both holes so good that i almost collasped out of unlimited waves of pleasure he was sending to my body.


Later that friday night as we gathered to go clubbing for the night, catch some horny dudes, make them pay for our drinks and leave them hanging, FIFI kept lamenting about how the lanky guy we met at the eateries was all over her and she was really getting pissed to a point that she feels like showing him the imp side of her.

Now at Club Taboo (not exact name), one of the best clubs in town where the big boys come to relax after a hard days job, dressed in very thought provoking dresses, Chelsea wore a bum short that was revealing the string line of her g-strings and a red singlet that let her voluptuous boobs pop out of the singlet, leaving nothing to imagination, only her nipples where hidden.

….Stay tuned to Episode 3


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