(Episode 3) Our Adventures at Lagos Night Clubs after been victimized of heartbreaks from men

We sat on our table and bought ourselves expensive drinks, dancing as we drank to the loud music, nothing more that oppress the egocentric nature of men more than when they see an independent woman, a lady that can provide all her needs,it makes them want to prove their worth, it is then that the egocentric ones would spend more than required just to get your attention, this is a trick known by us all, so whenever we are out clubbing, we spend our hard earned money so well that those men who can’t control their ego would walk up to us and say shit.

The tall lanky guy we met at the bar the previous time was at the club and this time it was obvious that he was into one of us but we couldn’t tell because the waiter had brought two bottle champagne and said it was on, fifi looked sad because like she said “most of these guys can’t even treat a lady well in bed, thanks to my vibrator” i kept wondering why she should be sad about it.

The lanky dude walked up to us and smiled as he shook hands with us

Lanky: Hey ladies, hope your having a good time?

As he turned towards Fifi and said

Lanky: please can i know your name?

It was obvious he was into fifi and not chelsea who had placed a wager on him that she would fuck him, we don’t betray friendship no matter who they was and fifi couldn’t break that trust, as chelsea drew out attention as she said

Chelsea: ladies its gear 4.

“Gear 4” to us is a slangs we have carved out to mean “lets rip him off” and we have never turned each others plea for a “Gear 4” and we chorused yes, the lanky guy was lost in our conversation, fifi turned towards him and said

Fifi: Am a little bit tipsy, can you get something pepperish for me?

He shook head in acceptance as he smiled and said

Lanky: what do you care for ladies?

Fifi: I care for cat fish pepper soup, dunno about my friends.

Chelsea: chicken pepper soup

Nancy: Get me anything like suya

He began to walk to and fro the club, buying each of the things we ordered, and we when sat and began to eat, he bought extra bottles of wine, he kept gisting very boring stories about his work and thought he got our attention, we were all shaking our head and smiling as he ordered for more plates.

It was then fifi began to caress his thighs from under the table, this was a ploy to make him think he has caught a prey for the night, that would make him relaxed and spend more, her hands went towards his groin region as she caressed down, she could not believe what her hand felt, a very long thick pipe and she traced her hand down and noticed that the length of his dick was almost up to his knee and she paused as she grabbed the tip of his cock from under the table, her eyes and his met, this was what fifi wanted, a good dick that would fuck her good, something that would feel her up and make sure she screams as she whines her waist to it.

Pondering in her heart how she was going to break this “Gear 4” rule for the first time, she became quiet instantly, her pants were already wet for her imaginations had taken a hold on her, she stood up and walked towards the bathroom to clean herself up, nancy was quick to notice her mood swing as she followed her to the bathroom.

Nancy: Babe whatsup na? your mood just changed

Fifi: Girl you have to see this guys stuff, i felt it from the trouser and i could not imagine me not banging him, this code thing wants to ruin my night

Nancy: Okay, you know what? you and i would have him together, since chelsea and jenny had thier fun at the massage parlour earlier today.

Fifi smiled and they hugged each other, fifi and nancy where now left with how to go home with the lanky guy without the knowledge of chelsea and jenny, so nancy feigned sickness as she began to hold her head, they all knew it was time to go since one of them was already ill, it was only fifi that knew it was a plot.

Fifi turned to the lanky guy and whispered as she gave him her phone

Fifi: Punch your number here, i’ll call you in 5 minutes and tell you where to meet me.

Nancy suggested that Fifi takes her home while jenny and chelsea can go to thier various houses, the moment jenny and nancy drove out, fifi called the lanky guy and directed him to a hotel, they both of them were both naked and ready, waiting for the lanky guy to come.

…. Stay tuned to Episode 4


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