Ladies,READ 8 Ways To Keep Your v**ina Feeling FRESH 24/7

First order of business: Don’t douche.

There’s nothing that can put a stop to intimate fun like feeling funky in your lady parts.

“A number of everyday triggers, including your period, pregnancy, s*x or some medications can upset the delicate vaginal ecosystem and elevate pH, which should always be maintained at 4.3-4.5. When pH is unbalanced, odor-causing microorganisms can flourish.

Many women run to the drug store for fragrance sprays; and wipes and pads just to mask the problem, which can actually be harmful to delicate tissue,” says Machelle Seibel, M.D., and OB/GYN.

So, how can we keep our vaginas feeling pretty down there? Try these tips:

1. Eat more fruit.

There’s plenty of legends out there that pineapple juice or strawberries make you smell good in your neither regions. And the same is true for men, too. Can sweet fruit really lead to sweet fruit? Maybe. And it can’t hurt to try.

Plus, you’ll be eating healthier, and that can only bring good things for your vajayjay.

2. Keeping that area dry.

Don’t hang out in a wet bathing suit or run errands in wet work out clothing.

“Even if you don’t have access to a shower, bring a change of dry clothes with you to decrease your chances of getting a yeast infection,” says Seibel.

3. Wear cotton underwear.

Although silk and lace underwear feels sexy, cotton underwear is better for v**ina health. Try to wear it as often as you can. Your v**ina will thank you.

4. Take probiotics.

If your v**ina smells funky, something weird may be going on. That can mean bacteria or an infection. If you take a probiotic vitamin, or start eating more probiotic yogurt, you can nix that bacteria before it starts becoming an issue.

5. Try a cleansing ritual.

Those fancy bidets exist for a reason, but chances are you don’t have one handy. Keep your lady parts clean by gently washing with a cloth dipped in water and fragrance-free soap each time you shower — and before and after you have s*x.

You’ll be keeping your v**ina clean without throwing off your pH balance.

6. Stay away from douching.

“Douching is potentially very dangerous. If you have a problem with odor that’s not related to a medical condition, try keeping your pubic hair trimmed … pubic hair is meant to trap bacteria and particles so they don’t enter the v**ina, but those things may cause odors,” says Taylor Stokes, a sexpert at Free Your V.

7. Clean yourself up after s*x.

s*x is super fun, but let’s be real. All sorts of gross stuff is passed back and forth.

Help prevent UTIs, often caused from the spread of bacteria during s*x, by tossing some intimate cleansing wipes in your purse. An alcohol-free wipe is your best option, so look for something like Freshends Luxurious Towelettes, which are adult flushable wipes made with natural ingredients, including aloe, vitamin E, cucumber extract and chamomile.

They’re individually-wrapped and no larger than a credit card. And bring enough to share, because guys can also use wipes like these (before or after s*x) on areas that are sweaty, sticky or smelly … so, like, all over.

8. Always pee after s*x.

Quite simply, it helps to clean out those pipes. Peeing after s*x will help you avoid the dreaded UTI.


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