Old Age is Catching Up With You- Gbenga Daniel Replies Wole Soyinka

Former Ogun State governor, Otunba Gbenga Daniel has declared that old age is fast catching up with Nobel laureate, Prof Wole Soyinka.

Soyinka had in an interview with an EFCC publication alleged that Daniel shut down the state House of Assembly for almost 12 months with the aid of the police.

The literary doyen in the interview also slammed former president Goodluck Jonathan for appointing Daniel as a campaign manager.

“A governor closes down an assembly with the aid of the police and the place is under lock with ‘Mopol’ guarding it.

When Jonathan selected this person as his campaign manager in Abuja, I telephoned him; I said does this support democracy that you choose this person?”

However, Otunba Daniel in his response said Soyinka’s comment against him had belittled the repute of the Africa’s first Nobel Prize winner for literature.

He denied the allegation, noting that he prays that the Laws of diminishing returns do not sometimes catch up with some of Nigeria’s Elder Statesmen.

“May be, OBJ was right after all when he referred to Wole Soyinka as more of a wine connoseur rather a politician. We must however pray that the law of diminishing returns do not sometimes catch up with some of our elder statement,”



  1. I now believe Daniel is not a true Yoruba man. In Yoruba culture we don’t disrespect elders whatever, this is Yoruba.

  2. it seems it serves this man “well” to quote Chief Obasanjo now, it was just yesterday that another one of his type was lambasting the former head of state, people what is happening here amongst our people ?

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