(Episode 3) Story of how my lesbian boss likes my huge butt & breast; our sexual experience

I wokeup the next morning only to see Madam Mary arms wrapped around me as she was naked, I removed her hands slowly and rushed to where my clothes were scattered on the ground, I hurriedly wore my clothes, by the time i zipped up my trouser and began to wear my shoe, that was when she wokeup and I didn’t notice, as I lifted my face up and I saw her, she looked at me and smiled then stood up and walked around towards the wardrobe as her boobs kept dangling, she opened the wardrobe and brought out wraps of money and threw it on the bed

MADAM MARY: You were very co-operative last night, here is hundred thousand naira, take it and take care of yourself

ME: [shaky voice] Thank ma

As I collected the money and made move toward the door to leave, and she called me back

MADAM MARY: Are you leaving like that? c’mon come and mama a kiss

Alcohol out of my system, I felt very uncomfortable as she stood up and then grabbed my hand as our lips met and she kissed me deeply, putting her tongue into my mouth

MADAM MARY: My driver would take you home! and make sure you don’t spend that money on all these small boys in town

I shook my head and left


I resumed work that day and I noticed the way other girls i worked with were looking at me, I felt very uncomfortable at their preying eyes, but I got the full confirmation of what the sudden attention I was getting at the saloon met when we went out to eat and then jennifer called out of the local canteen to a corner, I noticed from the onset when I was employed that jennifer has a loud mouth
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JENNIFER: Babe tell me something na, I don dey wait since you come work to gist me how your waka go last night but you no wan tell anybody anything

ME: wetin you wan make I tell you na? so na dis thing all of una dey do for her

JENNIFER: Na Aunty Chi introduce all of us, how much Madam Mary give you

ME: She gave me hundred thousand naira

JENNIFER: choi! that means she really like you oh! na only Uju wey Madam Mary don carry amingst us and na thirty thousand she give her

We continued gisting until we joined the others, and for the rest days that followed I slept with Madam Mary every night, soon my bank account began to swell for I had enough money to further my education but not on a fateful day when another of Aunty Chi’s friend came to the saloon to make hair, she saw that I was busy attending to another customer while others were less busy, but she insisted I was the one to fix her nails as she waited patiently for me, calling me “fine girl” and I noticed that Emomo was quite envious of the attention the woman was giving me and she carried the hot bowl of hot water used for washing the hair of those people that had relaxer on their hair off and then walked towards me and acted as if it was a mistake that she tripped and next thing I knew the hot steamy water and poured the whole content on me, if not for my swift movement I would been bathed with hot water but the water got some part of my leg, the woman stood up and gave Emomo a resounding slap and she apologised.

The water was cleaned and then I began to attend to the fair thin lady that insisted on my services, the moment I carried her legs and placed it on my thighs and she looked at me and said “my name is stacy but you can call me choice”

CHOICE: You have very soft hands, I will like to spend the night with you

I was surprised as at how the women that troop into the saloon now look at us the sales girls as call girls, she looked me in the eyes and continued

CHOICE: I will give you two hundred thousand, I can fix in any school of your choice.

The thought of getting into high institution was what caught my attention, we exchanged number and fixed an appointment for 9pm that evening and I couldn’t wait to see her, not that I was horny but the thoughts of getting into the higher institution and leaving this trade was what ticked me, She picked me up by 9pm, caressing my thighs all through as she drove to a destination not made known to me, as we drove through the road, we were hit by a major traffic jam and the cars that lined up were driving so slow and then I saw Madam Mary’s car by the side of the car I was in , I had to lower my face down but no sure if she had seen me until my phone rang and I looked and saw that the caller is Madam Mary

….. Stay tuned to Episode 4



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