Wonderful!!! A 9-year-old boy, wrote heartbreaking letter to boko haram.

According to a report on Instagram, the young boy who is her little cousin was asked to write a letter to Boko Haram. The young boy totally poured his heart out in the letter! Read the letter below:
Dear wicked Boko Haram,

I am writing this letter to you on why you should stop killing people. One of the reasons why you should stop killing people is because they will become too many people who will want to be killing. You cannot just stop. You kidnapped Chibok girls for over a year and you kidnapped another and kept them in Sambisa forest, Borno and you have been always killing.

I have a message for you if you don’t stop. The everlasting arms of God will slap you. You will mistakenly bomb your own camp in the night and your flesh and bones into hashes. Hear the word of Lord.

Yours Angrily,



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