What Do I Do?…. My Girlfriend Loses Virginity To Another Guy After Years of Waiting

I’m so heartbroken now. I’ve been dating a girl for 2years. We never had sex cos she’s a virgin, and we are both from a very religious family (tho not same church). I was just happy with her. She’s very perfect for me, and I know she loves me so much too.

Problem started just yesterday when I called her to check on her like before but she refused to pick up. After so many attempts, she send a text to me. I read her exact words ” Best. Am so sorry cus am nt worthy to be ur love again.i cnt talk to u talkless of facing u cus i av been remembered by dy evil one “.

I got confused so I begged her through a text to pick up. She later did but was crying. I asked her to come online on whatsapp since she couldn’t say a word.

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While chatting with her, she told me she was raped that day by her ex. I was mad, heartbroken and confused. She said she visited the guy to say “Hi” as he just came back from Lag, that was how he drugged and raped her.

Now my Problem is, she doesn’t want to tell anyone. That makes me feel she still loves this guy. I know she is in her worst state now but I too ain’t in a better situation. Someone else just forcefully tasted what I have been saving since.

She’s been begging for forgiveness since. I don’t want a break up but then, how am I supposed to love and trust her again cos I blame her for agreeing to see the guy in the first place.

I’m so confused!



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