(Episode 2) Help me! My landlord’s 16year old girl is a sex monster

I Stopped her and rushed to the door for I was scared not for her but the wrath of Mama Sikiratu, being caught in the act would be worse, as she turned and looked at me with a surprised look and the said

MORENIKE: Unculu Se o n beru ni? you don’t need to be afraid ni, this one your running from small girl like me, if you now meet Sikiratu what will you do? aaah! unculu you no get strength oh!

I walked back to her without saying a word, held by the arm and dragged her slowly by the arm as she fixed her gaze on me trying to put a seductive eyes on me of which she looked funny doing that, I opened my door and sent her out, she didn’t say a word and walked away like everything was normal.

I sat at the veranda of my house that evening as Tunde walked by and saw me, greeted me from afar and change his direction towards me as he stumped his feet hard to get dirts off his slippers as he entered my veranda and we shook hands, Tunde needs no invitation into anybody’s house for he feels everybody liked him which was the exact opposite, he sat beside me and then began to talk

TUNDE: Egbon I hear wetin happen dis morning oh!

As I smiled and decided to discuss the issue with him, so I chipped in some few words

ME: Don’t Mama sikiratu, she wanted to disgrace me

TUNDE: {Smiling} No be dat one I dey talk ni, I hear say iron bender give you kpomo to chop you reject am

ME: Iron bender?

TUNDE: Yes na! Morenike give you kpomo to chop and you begin act like charlesi our jehova witines, abi you no know say if Morenike na exam and you fit score her 40 over 100 say all landlord pikin go dey give you kpomo chop?

I was bewildered as I turned to look at Tunde as those words came out of his mouth and he decided to talk further to prove his words were through true

TUNDE: No talk say I talk to ohB but I go tell you because me I like you ni, the tenant wey bin dey stay for this house before you park enter, na him knack bolanle sotey you no see as she dey waka kukere now?

I then understood his point, and I got the confirmation of his words that night when I went fetch water at the general tap in the yard, I saw Morenike, Bolanle and Sikiratu as they sat at a corner beside the tap discussing, when I approached with my bucket and was fetching water from the tap, they all began to laugh loud and then Sikiratu hissed and said to my hearing

SIKIRATU: Fear fear man! I talk am say all these kind people no sabi work

And they all burst into another bout of laughter as I fetched water and walked away but I had resolved to teach Morenike a lesson then next day when she comes for her classes in my house, I waited patiently for sunday to come but when the time clocked 4pm which is the time set aside for her sunday classes, I became a little bit afraid, afraid that I might not perform well and the news would be circulated round the compound, just as I was contemplating on my next line of action, Morenike knocked on my door and I answered as she opened the door, I stood up and walked past her as she greeted me

MORENIKE: Unculu good evening!

I ignored her as I went for the door, locked it and began to close the window binds and she began to smile as she muttered

MORENIKE: Unculu this one you are closing curtain ni, I hope you get condom?

I was shocked at her boldness for a girl of her age, as I turned to her and said

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ME: Comot your cloth and lie down for bed

She didn’t hesitate at all as she obeyed and began to pull her gown, she gave me another shocker when I found out she hand no pant or bra on, as her erect and pointed boobs was what caught my eyes immediately, I pulled my boxers down and my long dick with thick veins that ran across it was fully erecting and pulsating, she looked at it with admiration as she stood up from the bed and sat down while I came closer to her as she grabbed my cock with both hands for only one of her hand can’t go round the width of my cock, then she said slowly

MORENIKE: chai! Oko nla, Egbon you be man! this na wetin I dey like!

I was ashamed of me sleeping with a small girl but yet still had this inner zeal to teach this little girl a lesson and see if she could turn a new leaf, I made her place her back on the bed as I opened her thighs gently, tore the sachet of condom and stretched her hand so fast and took the condom from my hand and then professionally placed the condom well fitted on my dick, she really surpassed all level of maturity I have seenwhen it comes to sex, as she positioned well, even used pillow to put under her hips so that her pussy can be fully stretched and then I began to insert my dick slowly, for fear that I might hurt her with my huge loins but Morenike raised her head up and looked at me angrily

MORENIKE: Aaah! Unculu kilon shele? put this thing inside ni make I enjoy am, If you no sabi make you lie down make I climb you oh

…… Stay tuned to Episode 3



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