(Episode 5) Help me! My landlord’s 16year old girl is a sex monster

I watched as they began to throw deaf punches, and in minutes they where on the ground, rolling themselves on the filthy soil gutted with water, Morenike seemed to be much more stronger than Sikiratu because the way she lifted her sister and threw her to the floor with all her might, the other neighbours came out, and that infuriated Sikiratu the more because of the way her younger sister was dealing with her in public as she went for her top and tore Morenike’s clothes and before I could say JACK but girls were all naked, jiggling boobs and glaring pussies were all over the floor, and Tunde began to laugh so hard that tears began to rush down his eyes as he fell to the floor

TUNDE: {pointing at me} this you sugar cane prick don kolo this gils! make landlord come back today, the way these OPC boys go take knack you, na your body go tell you

The fear of OPC boys is the begining of wisdom, these uneducated area boys would pounce on anybody for no just cause but with cases like this where am found guilty, I feared for what would be done to me, I got scared as I unbuckled my belt and pushed them away and stood in thei middle, while Morenike made move to throw a punch, I used the belt to whip her hand and she screamed, they both stood their looking at each other breathing heavily as I held them by the hand and dragged them into my room

ME: Oya make una two sidon here now

Pointing at a chair as Morenike looked at me and obeyed before Sikiratu followed suit, the moment Morenike’s ass touched the chair, she began to explain

MORENIKE: Unculu see! this thing Sikiratu did it is not fair, they have been dragging other brothers in the compound since, as you park enter I happy say my papa carry me give you

She couldn’t contniue her explanation as she went into an out burst of tears and then Sikiratu looked at her and then blinked her eyes and muttered

SIKIRATU: See your mouth like them give you brother! this egbon see me like me, so you think say as him sabi knack so, na only you go dey enjoy am

I was blown away in total shock as these little girls talk about sex like is a meal that they must eat everyday, I decided to calm them down as I tried to settle the case

ME: See you girls are still young, what you should do is study hard and gain admission into the university,

I was cut short by Christophers voice from the window

CHRISTOPHER: If you settle with them finish, when landlord come, me I go still yan am

I ignored him and continued him to talk to the girls

ME: See what will happen is that I will be taking care of both of you okay? here is one thousand naira for both of you to share, make una papa no hear wetin happen here today o

They both smiled at the thought of both of them still having me and no one getting to leave for the other, as they left my room I became afraid of the next line of action Christopher might take.

I walked to his house, knocked and enter his very scanty room which had only a bed it, he looked at me with disgust and said

CHRISTOPHER: Hope you did not come beg me not to tell Pa Rabiu

I knelt down and then said

ME: I have come so that you will help me, I want to give my life to christ

His face brightened up as he looked with surprise and walked towards me

CHRISTOPHER: Standup! Standup! Oh than you lord, you don’t have to kneel before me, it is before our lord and personal saviour, you will have to follow me to church today.

If following Christopher to church would make him shutup and save me from the wrath of Pa Rabiu, am willing to take that path.

Sitting in church with Christopher as other members of the church danced and sang, my eyes and that of a cute girl were always locked each time she looks at my direction, even in her long flowing gown she was so pretty, out of curiousity I asked Christopher who was that, he frowned his face as he responded

CHRISTOPHER: Hey oga concentrate for church wey you come na, na our pastor daughter be dat oh!, she no dey like those ogbanje children wey full our yard

Two days later Christopher knocked on my door to borrow detergent only for me to open my door and he sighted Annabel their Pastors daughter wearing bum short and lying on my bed

….. Stay tuned to Episode 6



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