Lo Batan!!! Neyo Expecting Baby With New Lover After Telling His Ex To Tie Up Her Tubes

Fans are sympathizing with Ne-Yo’s ex, Monyetta Shaw who had her tube tied during their relationship following a mutual agreement to stop making kids.

They already had two kids and it seemed they had wedding on the cards.

But a post by the singer’s current partner Crystal Renay sparkled debates today about how appropriate it is for Neyo to have his former lover tie her tube while he goes on impregnating another.

Crystal’s IG caption was simple: ‘Rest your soul chocolate, I’m watching over your heart now’. But followers got the message, especially after Neyo himself responded with a follow up post.

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Ne-Yo announced split with his former fiancée, Monyetta Shaw via IG in 2013, having had 2 kids together (Mason Evan Smith and Madilyn Grace Smith)

He has been accused of leading her to get her tube tied when they wished to stop making children. The singer insists it was a mutual decision, and that the process is very reversible.



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