3 Nigerians man arrested for financial scam in…

Three Nigerians named Onuoha Nnanna Francis, 34, Valentine O Anumaka, 28, and Eze Victor, 35 have been arrested by India’s Central Crime Station (CCS) for duping two Indian businessmen to the tune of Rs 3.6 lakh by luring them with an offer to invest $ 1 lakh in hotel business.

Report gathered that, the 3 Nigerians alongside 6 of their accomplices were arrested after one of the businessmen, Raju Jembiya lodged a complain at a police station stating that he and his friend C Sadashiva, were duped by one Terry Joseph from Nigeria to the tune of Rs 3.6 lakh.

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“Terry Joseph, who by posing as a restaurant owner in Nigeria, befriended Sadashiva six months ago over Facebook and then expressed his willingness to invest Rs 1 lakh US dollars in restaurant business in India” police statement states.

When Sadashiva agreed to join Terry’s business venture, Terry asked him to meet another Nigerian man who he, Terry, gave his own share of the money, which he wanted to invest in the hotel.

Sadashiva met with the second Nigerian who asked him to first release his own share of the investment before his partner, Terry will release his. Sadashiva did and after releasing the money, the phones of the Nigerian man was switched off.

Sadashiva, suspecting he’d been duped, reported the case to the police.

The police after investigations were able to arrest the fraudsters and their accomplices. Terry, the initiator of the scam deal is still at large.


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