See What Selfie Pic Caused: Man Accidentally Kills Himself While Taking Selfie With A Loaded Gun

A 19-year-old Houston man died Tuesday after accidentally shooting himself while taking selfies while holding a gun, police said.

Deleon Alonso Smith died of a gunshot wound to the throat about 1:30 p.m. at an apartment in southwest Houston.

Investigators say Smith had found a gun and was taking pictures of himself and a cousin while holding the weapon and posting them to social media websites when the gun discharged, killing Smith.
Investigators say the cousin was in another room when the gun fired.

“It’s the worst feeling in my life,” his uncle Eric Douglas told the press, while his grandmother is yet to recover from the shock.

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“It’s a numb feeling,” grandmother Alma Douglas said. “It’s still unbelievable. Yesterday was my birthday and he came to wish me happy birthday, and now this kind of news.”

Last July, two teenagers were electrocuted while taking selfies on top of a train in Moscow, Russia. And in June, a Romanian girl burst into flames after accidentally touching a live wire as she was taking selfies.


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