(Episode 2) How My Aunt lures me into a lesbian love affair; could this be a Sweet Taboo?

I jerked up from a deep sleep and flashed a glance at my wristwatch and saw that the time was 1am, only heaven knew how many hours i had slept in that house and what Aunty Henrietta had done to my body, i was lying on that ground stark naked as my clothes were littered all over the floor of the parlour, i picked my pant that was stuck in between two chairs and then wear it quickly, so i did with my skirt and shirt and then looked round with no iota idea of the whereabout of Aunty Henrietta, i decided to tiptoe towards the curtain that lead to the adjoining rooms, i opened it and noticed a hallway and i slowly walked in as opened the first door by my left side, i saw Aunty Henrietta sitting on a large bed tieing wrappers and then looking at the mirror, the air condition sent this chilly feel on my skin

”Oh! Your awake” she said wearing a big smile

I was not in the mood for trading fake smiles that didn’t convey any emotions attached to it, she saw it that i was indeed pissed at her

”Come sit here” she said as she gave her bed a pat beside her and then looked up to me

”Henrietta am really angry with what you did to me, i thought you were a friend” this was the first time i was calling her by her name and it wasn’t sounding awkward, i was shocked that she didn’t show any sign of remorse rather she was smiling and then i continued

”Please can i have the money that made you drug me and did what i detest the most” she heaved something that looked like a sign of relief and then i quickly added

”Only God knows what you have done to my body” and then i signed, making the ”mtscheww” sound so loud that it snapped like a loud screeching sound, she then stood up and then said

”Ermm….mmmm the thing is that i don’t have that kind of money with me now and …..”

The rest sentences she made were sounding like an echo in a large empty hall, i couldn’t believe that she did put me through all this and then still left me frustrated than before, i could figure the right words to use and then lash out on her about how i felt

”This is wickedness with horns and tiger claw, how can you do such to me? Would it mot have been better that i slept with that lecturer and have my course delivered safe than this rubbish you subjected me to” sincerely deep down i won’t lie, i wasn’t sure if i would say i enjoyed it or not, it was my first time and indeed it was strange…

She then began to apologise as i dashed out of the room back to the parlour, i couldn’t leave the house for it was in the middle of the night and the blistering cold would have dealt with me if i had dared it.

With nobody to run to for help, i was left with no option than to run back to my vomit, pick it up with all its sordid smell, with shame clouting like beehives trailing an intruder, i knocked slowly on the door of the office of Mr Ajoku and from inside the office i could hear his voice talking with someone else inside and i could hear a female voice giggling, i decided to peep through the window, then i saw Rita sitting on the thighs of Mr Ajoku with his hand buried into her shirt squeezing her breast as if he was kneading flour for bread while her legs were thrown wide open as i could see that he had shifted her white pant to a corner and then was fiddling with her cunt, her head was thrown back as she was absorbing every trickle of the pleasure she was getting from the insatiable he-goat who seemed to had vowed to sap the milk of every female under his tutelage, that was not even my surprise but the deal breaker was Rita, the head of the Pentecostal prayer warrior whom would not allow the rest of her course mates rest the moment a lecturer exits the class as she clutched her megaphone like a handbag preaching and shouting at the top of her voice with a big bible that if thrown at a child could kill him.

She would wear this long gown that nearly swept the ground were ever she went, i was shocked that she was here selling her eggs cheaply, she painted us ‘the people of doom’ and her the saint, guardian of the gate to heaven, she raised her head up and then with her closed and drowned in lust, she stuck her tongue out while Mr Ajoku caught her tongue with his as they both french kissed so hard, she caressed his arm that was doing so many things to him and then said slowly

”Stick to the head of my p*ssy please…..arrggghhhh!”

It was then i dipped my hand into my purse and then brought out my phone slowly so that the keys in my bag would not raise the alarm that a peeping tom was lurking at a corner, it was then i flicked the camera on and then began to video the whole incident that played out, i watched as Mr Ajoku slowly began to take his hand out of her thighs and then i noticed his hand was wet, her cunt juice must have drooled all over his hand, she grabbed his hand and then pushed it towards his mouth and he stuck his tongue out again and then licked it in a very appealing way, that seemed to have given Rita as she smiled and then playfully hit his chest when she drag his finger out of his mouth and then said ”Bad boy” of course she has every right to call a bald headed man a boy because he had belittled himself to such and then he carried her in his arm as he stood up and then placed her on the table, using his hand to scatter all the piles of documents on the table and then placed her there, raising her skirt up as she took that time to pull off her top and then began to watch helplessly what Mr Ajoku had installed for her, he knelt down before her and then looked at her pulsating gaping p*ssy for a while, smile as he raised his gaze at her for few seconds and then lowered his head, i have never seen a man lick a woman’s p*ssy this good before in my life, he kissed her inner thighs slowly as he used his tongue to caress under her thighs as she closed her eyes and was licking her lips as if she was licking something very juicy and delicious He then took his mouth to her p*ssy mound licking her well shaved pubic hair area, she stretched her hands and grabbed his head, directing it towards her vagina but he was adamant as he pulled her hands off his head and then continued to suck the outer part of her cuntlips, he would stick out his tongue so well and then lick and caress it, he took his tongue down to her butt hole and then raised her leg higher as he began to use his tongue to finger her butt

”Ohhhhhh! My goshhhhhhh! So sweet……Sir please i love it i swear”

He seemed to have gotten the permission he was waiting for, so he took his tongue quickly to her p*ssy and then used his hand to pull the flesh of her cunt apart and then began to lick inside of her p*ssy, she began to nod her head, caring less that the back of her head was hitting on the table and she might be hurting herself from that, he took his mouth to her clitoris and then used his lips to pick her clit into his mouth as the flesh was stretched and then began to suck her clitoris which so much passion and precision that she had to jerk her hips as if he was fucking her with his tongue, he sucked deep as he kept nodding his head too, she quickly tried to stand up as she raised her body up, i thought she wanted to pull herself from him rather she took her hand to her p*ssy area and the used her hand to raise the flesh around her clitoris up as she gave him directions where to suck

”Lick there……oh! Yessssss…..oh yeah…..no no no no….lick that pink button…..eeehn! Phewwww”

Mr Ajoku seemed to have hit the right button as she grabbed her top that was on the table and put in her mouth so as not to shout, she bit that blouse so hard as veins could be seen from her necked wired up to her head, she began to press his head hard against her p*ssy as if she wants to suffocate him with her p*ssy and Mr Ajoku replied with rage, pressing her nipples hard as he stuck his tongue into her vagina, she opened her mouth in total shock as the cloth fell off, what came out of her mouth was

”Your gooood……oh my lord…..if i cum i will fuck you till you beg”

With a reward insight Mr Ajoku pushed her back, released himself from her thighs took one hand down and then buried three fingers into her now wide p*ssy and then began to finger fuck her, the other hand was rubbing her clit, caressing her tummy and navel as he muttered

”Now cumming you bitch, cum all over my hand now…..thats a command”

Wriggling on the table as she shaked her hips viciously while she stared at Mr Ajoku and nodding like an obedient student with moans and replies of

”Yes sir i will cum, i will cum for you sir i promise, please sir don’t stop”

And then he disobeyed, in one of the many vicious continuous thrust he pulled his fingers out abruptly, she shook her head as if she was possessed by some demon as she dived him, reached for his hand and forced it back into her p*ssy and then hugged him as she wrapped her hands round his neck as she licked Mr Ajoku’s ears and neck as she whispered in his ears

”I am almost there”

And then “BOOM” his hand that was going in and out of her p*ssy became sloppy and covered in her cum, she pushed his hand out as she tried walking to the table in that spate of ecstasy, her legs were shaking uncontrollably and then she fell to the ground, that was when Mr Ajoku quickly began to loosen his trouser and then pulled out his d*ck, it could be mistaken for and insecticide can (the popular mortien or raid insecticide can) he rubbed the knob of his thick dark cock and then spat on his hand as rubbed the sloppy saliva on his d*ck and then dragged the weakened body of Rita and then spread her thighs apart where she was lying on the floor and then plugged his d*ck, the entering of his d*ck in her pleasure hole made her jerk and brought back to reality as she pushed him by the chest but he kept lowering his body and while his d*ck kept gaining prominence of her p*ssy and then my phone rang

…… Stay tuned to Episode 3

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