Buhari can’t make naira equal to dollar – Nwanyanwu

The pioneer Chairman of the Labour Party, Chief Dan Nwanyanwu, says Nigerians should face the reality that President Muhammadu Buhari will not meet many of his campaign promises including his pledge to make the naira and dollar to be at par.

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Nwanyanwu, who said he is no longer involved in partisan politics, stated this during a chat on Channels Television on Wednesday.

The former labour leader said there was no way the All Progressives Congress would be able to give N5,000 to unemployed youths across the country as promised.

Nwanyanwu said rather than deny that Buhari never made 100-day promises, the APC-led Federal Government should swing into action and start governing Nigeria instead of only probing the past administration.

He said, “The APC and its presidential candidate made a lot of promises during the campaigns. We knew that some of these promises were not realisable. For example, there is no way one naira will be equal to one dollar. I know that without being an economist. There is no way anyone will be paid N5,000 every month. That is also not possible.

“But let us put all those campaign promises aside. We know our country. And we know where we are. And that is why I said that the APC as a political party should realise that the campaigns are over. They should stop defending the indefensible as regards whether they made certain promises or not. You do not learn how to write with your left hand at an old age.

“We have passed that stage, a President has been elected, let us encourage him and be patient with him and then look at the other areas he has to kick-start rather than probing every day. Yes, we are eager to get our stolen money back but at the same time, we want the government to start. What are you doing about unemployment and power?”



  1. Well he can do whatever he wish’s in Nigeria, BUT not Naira Equal to US Dollar, Sorry Mr. President , it will never happen Sir,

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