(Last Episode 3) How My Aunt lures me into a lesbian love affair; could this be a Sweet Taboo?

Quickly grabbed my phone and then in frantic effort to press the receiver button the phone slipped off my hand and then fell to the ground, they were startled by noise as Mr Ajoku sprang up from ontop of her and then went straight for his trousers, while Rita was so confused that she laid fixed on the floor looking helplessly, i picked my phone from the ground and then grabbed the knob of the door to his office and tried opening it only for me to realise that it was locked, i began to bang on the door so loud screaming his name

”Open this now before i call the school security” i howled

I heard the tingling sound of keys and then the jamming of metals as he unlocked the door of the office and then staring at me face to face i was not shakened as his face conveyed one of someone who is down casted, i held my phone up and then showed it to him and then spoke with blotted pride

”I have all your funny escapades here on this phone, i think its time we begin a bargain process, if the supplementary result comes out and my name is not on that list, i would gladly present this to the school senate”

Indeed he was defeated as he shook his head, used his hand to wipe the trickles of sweat that had gathered on his forehead and then quietly said to me

”You don’t have to go to that extent…… Ermmmm… Don’t worry your name would be on the list, infact i can assure you that your name would be number one but please don’t spread that video”

I glanced a quick look at Rita who was still naked straddled on the ground, i felt like walking towards her and then spit on her but for posterity sake i turned and then left the office.

I could not contain the joy in my heart as i almost danced my way home, i flipped the phone out of my pocket and then decided to have a sneak peep of what i had recorded only for me to go to the video section and the video was not there! It must have been deleted the moment it fell of my hand and landed on the ground and then in the classical rush not to get caught i mistakenly pressed the wrong button and all that i was videoing was all gone, now i was left confused if indeed Mr Ajoku did feel the threat i passed to him earlier, what if he asked me to bring the video before he would score me?, in a battle field of counter thoughts of the worst that might happen if my plan doesn’t go smooth…….

Sitting in the confines of my room and reading chewing stick by husband material a writer i had come to love when i heard a knock on my door, guessing that it should be my next door neighbour who never seize to ask me for either plate or spoon for the past four years we have been in the university

”Come in!”

And the door was pushed open and an imposing shadow covered the room, i looked towards the door only to see Aunty Henrietta standing right in my room, if it were to be a dream i would even doubt the dream but here she was looking at me eyeball to eyeball

”Who gave you directions to my hostel” i said as i got up from the bed

She smiled as she looked at me dropping the big bag she was carrying, i could see loads of beverages well stocked inside the bag, she then decided to talk after pausing for a very long while of which i had already began to loose my patience

”Here is hundred and fifty thousand naira…..am sorry for what happened that day sincerely its just that i couldn’t resist you” she said with all seriousness she could muster

”Aunty i had this respect for you but you threw it on the floor and then trampled upon it” i said

She sat by my bed side and then drew closer to me
adelove global freight2

”The truth is that i love you and i would take very good care of you if you become my girl friend” she replied

”Aunty did you ask me if i was a lesbian to begin with, sincerely i have never thought of having sex with a woman before” that was partly true but all that changed after my experience with her, so many times i had imagined that her lips on my nipple, the sweet pleasure of her sucking but i had to lie or would i say say a half truth because before her i was sure of my sexual preference, she replied this time with a mixed emotion of plea and pressure

”Don’t tell me you don’t love me, did you not enjoy the time spent with me?”

I did not raise my face up as i could not answer that question as she stood up and then began to walk towards the door and then added

”I will be waiting in my house for you by 6pm please try and come, there is a gown inside that bag for you to wear ”

I was restless the rest of the afternoon as i stared at the money on my bed and the bag of goodies which were still left unattended to, my body needed that touch of which sparked fire all over my body but yet this thing kept drawing me back, the stint of adventure and the way Aunty Henrietta treated my body made me want to go back and like oliver twist and ask for more.

The time clocked 6pm and i was already dressed in the red gown that she bought for me and was sitting in a cab heading to her house, i knocked at the gate and the security guard opened the gate as i slowly walked into the compound having a double thought as i was thinking if i should turn back and leave the compound but my feet had greater control as it lead me to the door and i knocked on it, i heard the voice of Aunty Henrietta from inside the house as she beckoned, i pushed the door open and then saw Aunty Henrietta sitting on the dinning table naked, she had this huge dildo strapped on and then a bottle of vodka was placed on the table, she winked and smiled as i walked in and then signalled at me to come join her at the dinning of which i obeyed, when i got to the table I walked closer to where she was sitting and then saw a cane on a table beside the bottle of vodka she grabbed me by the hand and then turned me as she raised my gown up and then saw that i had nothing under, she smiled as she looked at me and smiled again, she dipped hand in my butt crack and then playfully tickled my butt hole before taking her hand to my p*ssy, she pushed my thighs as i spread my legs and then she began to finger bang my cunt, she banged so deep and sweet that i occasionally bent down to steal a passionate kiss from her, her other hand when for the zippers of my gown and then unzipped my gown as she slide her hand into the gown and grabbed my boobs, she took her time as she played with my nipples, gently teasing the dark spot round my nipples and that intensified the passion and the sweet sex i was getting from her, i screamed when the sexual gratification was alarming, she grabbed the cane on the table and whipped my ass the cane came with mixed feelings, i was hutting but yet i needed my ass to be whipped more, i don’t know how how Aunty Henrietta did the magic but the flogging of cane was setting my body on fire, i wanted to be whipped until i blèd to death i had to keep mute and try as much as i can to absorb every pain.

She grabbed the long black dildo that she had strapped on and then used the olive oil on the table as a lubricant and then rubbed on it lusciously, she held me by the hips as she forced the long huge dildo into my p*ssy, my cunt was really over stretched to its limit as she then began to bang me slowly, out eyes locked together as our breath was in unison, she kissed me and then took my hands and place it on her big breast

”Squeeze my nipple…..do it exactly how i did yours”

I have never grabbed a woman’s breast except mine, her huge 33D breast with tiny nipples was so lofty in my hands, i began to squeeze her nipples slowly as she began to hammer my p*ssy, Aunty Henrietta banged better than any man i know, she was able to raise one of her leg to the table and then began to bang fast and furious, making sure the dildo was all deep inside of me, she grabbed my boobs and then put the both of them in her mouth and then began to move her waist back and forth, spilling my cum all over her thighs and mine, in the same rhythm we both jerked to meet each others hips mid air.

She pulled the dildo out and then began to lick my cunt the way a fat kid would lick a cake, making sure no drop of my cunt juice was left scot free and than made me jerk more as i went into another organsm this time my cum was voluminous as it spilled out of my cunt, she used her tongue to latch every drop and then quickly socketed the dildo again, i could have fainted as my breath seized, my body kept jerking as i had another multiple organsm Aunty Henrietta wasn’t deterred as she had planned to faint me with too much pleasure , i then struggled to push her away as i fell to the ground to catch my breath, she unstrapped the dildo and faced the head of the dildo to her p*ssy and then began to bang herself as i passed out on the ground.

”Ring! Ring!”

My phone rang and i wokeup from my slumber only for me to see Aunty Henrietta sleeping beside me on the ground, and then i looked at my phone and noticed it was an unknown number, i answered and the caller said

”Go and check the notice board, your name is on the new result, i gave you an A”

I recognised the voice to be that of Mr Ajoku, i smiled as i laid back beside Aunty Henrietta, kissed her and then went back to sleep


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  1. What I dont get about lezbeeanns and sex is this: They hate men right? Then they go out and get a fake manly appendage for their, uh, pleasuring…..hypocrytical in the very least.

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