Eaya Sorry! Wife Dislocates Jaw While Laughing Too Hard During Poker Game With Husband

Laugh is good and also it has its health benefit but in this case it is different.

I belief too much of everything is bad,so also,in this case, too much of laughters can cause dislocation of jaw.

A woman was rushed to a hospital after she dislocated her jaw by laughing too hard while playing poker with her husband, doctors in China said.

The woman identified as Jiao, was playing poker with her husband on a train, which was traveling from Nanning to Qingdao on Friday. Jiao told doctors that when she was dealt a good hand, she laughed. She laughed hard and long, and ended up dislocating her jaw.

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The husband contacted the conductor of the train for help, saying that his wife suffers from diabetes and may have serious health problems if she goes without food for too long.

At the next stop, paramedics waited to help Jiao. Paramedics tried to relocate the jaw, but after half an hour of trying, they decided to transport her to a nearby hospital. It took doctors two hours to get the jaw back into place.



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