(Photo) Petrol Tanker falls and crushes a commercial bus in…

A petrol-laden truck fell and crushed a commercial bus called ‘Korope’ at Asubiaro area, Osogbo.

It happened close to a church. The tanker spilled its contents but thankfully no life was lost. As at 3:30 – 4:Pm, Police and Civil Defence were able to seal up the area, as the contents of the tank which was still spilling unto the ground was being transferred in black water tanks.

The road in which this accident occurred is so bad and rapidly deteriorating. Please fix our roads!

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  1. EFCC and ICPC should please hasten up on those petitions. All the claims by Rauf and amount spent on each project have to be thoroughly verified.

  2. From Ilepo-Olaiya, Odi-olowo, Asubiaro to Itaolokan exit was built by Oyinlola (PDP) regime. But Ogbeni refused to repair this road, which I did not support him because he was playing politics with it. You can’t play politics with human life.

  3. @ Kabiru Ganiyu..You said the road was built by PDP about 6 years ago, APC refused to repair the road which is the major road in the state capital despite over N200billion debt.c

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