(Photo) Boko Haram member, Kabiru Sokoto sentenced to life imprisonment

Kabiru Sokoto, a member of Boko Haram sect accused of facilitating bomb attacks on the police headquarters in Sokoto State and some other government organizations in the state between 2007 and 2012 was yesterday September 4th sentenced to life imprisonment by a Abuja based high court.

Presiding judge, Justice Adeniyi Ademola found Kabiru guilty of also having prior knowledge of the bomb attack at St. Theresa’s Catholic Church on December 25th 2011.


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  1. Why life imprisonment? When his fellow BH will attack prisons to set him free,he shld av bn giving d death penalty after killing so many.

  2. Something is missing heree. I smell foul play..how can someone who had been in detention for a long time in Nigerian prison be this fair and fresh?

  3. 9ja i hail ..They should have sentenced him to death, rather than life imprisonment cos he can still be operating from the prison walls

  4. This is an interesting case and Justice Ademola has done his part. Meanwhile, I thought we shouldn’t waste our money again feeding this heartless, ruthless, senseless, and useless human being in the prison. Jungle Justice is better for him.

  5. Please watch out! How on earth, a lawyer defending the state be asking for mercy, for a terrorist that killed many Nigerians in their cold blood? For his lawyer, i agree. It’s his job. But for the government lawyer, something is fishing. Please watch pretty GOOD!

  6. Why does a terrorist receive a life sentence and not the death penalty? Nigerians should not have to support someone that participates in terrorism. He should receive the sentence that the people that were killed got.

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