(Episode 2) Why my Pastor sleeps with all female members..Beware of Student fake Pastors

And I said

ME: Stand up young lady, wipe your tears for today you shall recieve salvation

Starring at hand, with no sign of a ring on any of right hand, I bent down, drew her hand up and kissed it saying

ME: May your husband locate you! May your prince charming find you

And she burst into loud amen!, I realised not only huge sum of money but church members too, the lady I kissed her hand and prayed for during my crusade kept coming for counselling, I later found out that her name was Anita, I have never seen anybody wear more provocative clothings to church than Anita, whenever she came in for counselling, I find it very hard to stand up and pray because starring at fair luscious boobs and her huge bubble butt that keeps shaking like water put in a polythene bag!.

I made Anita the head of the ushering group, she always come to my house to help with chores and each time I try to make advances at her she would say

ANITA: Daddy! you know this is not right, as a man of God keeping to the ordinances of christ should be your priority! If it was when I was in the world,

She looked and then paused.

This has been her normal way of wading me off but yet no saturday she doesn’t come to my house, to do my laundry and clean the house, but on this fateful saturday I have had night vigil the previous day and was deep in my sleep that saturday morning when I heard a huge bang on my door, I jumped up from my sleep and went straight to know who the caller was, and it turned out to be Anita, I opened the door as she slowly entered spotting a black mini skirt and a sleeveless top that was showing her fair boobs by the sides, her eyes was fixed on me as she entered and it took me few minutes to notice that I was having the early morning hardon that is normal with all guys, my long “jack-knife” was rooting out its ugly head from my boxers as the big cap of my d*ck was showing vividly in my boxers, I looked at my boxers and then looked up as our eyes met and then I apologised

ME: Sorry dear its natures call

ANITA: {smiling} Oh! daddy you don’t need to apologise, I understand

She then walked straight to my kitchen and began to cook for me, sitting in my room and watching television and my mind troubled and eager to bang Anita, I dropped the remote and then tiptoed to the kitchen, when I entered she didn’t even know, I saw her as she bent down to cut yam and I just rushed her and pulled her short mini skirt up, and the raw flesh of her sexy fair fat ass was starring me in the fair, she screamed

ANITA: {arranging her skirt} Jesus! Oh! Daddy what is the meaning of that now?

The sight of that fair ass and the lining of her red g-strings has already engulfed my being, as I tried to convince her

ME: C’mon Anita even the bible say do not break yoke with uneven people, we are now of the same flock, C’mon make me happy and I’ll marry you Anita.

In the heat of passion I made that huge promise and it seems that was the word Anita was waiting to hear from me all these while, because her frown changed to a big grin the moment the word ‘marry’ popped out of my mouth, she turned and looked me

ANITA: Daddy are you sure? well you are a man of God I don’t expect you to lie like others

And I shook my head as my hand began to caress her ass, slowly taking my hands under the skirt, as I began to caress her fat butt, squuezing the huge pound of flesh, I pushed her back to the former position she was when I entered the kitchen and then took of her skirt which we had to struggle to remove because her ass was quite huge, her red g-string that was fully stretched out on the huge ass was the icing on the cake as I shifted the g-string and knelt down before the ass, as I slowly began to kiss her butt, licking all her curves, the moment my tongue met cuntlips, she let out moans of “Arrrgggh!” I kissed her cuntlips slowly, using my lips to nod the outter part of her vagina and she began to bounce her ass to the rhythm of my nods, I grabbed her by the waist and then buried my face in her inner thighs gently using my tongue to lick her clit slowly, lapping my tongue firmly on her clit before licking from the tip of her clit to the waiting hole of her ass, she moaned so quietly

ANITA: O Yeah! Pastor I need you anointing

I stood up and slowly insert my d*ck in her p*ssy as she spread her legs wide apart to be able to collect my full length of huge black d*ck, as I shifted her top, I realised she had bead worn round her waist and like a bridle I grabbed that bead and began to bang her deep and firm, hitting her and making sure my d*ck touch all corners of her p*ssy wall, I took my hand down her to her clitoris as I massaged it while I kept thrusting her tight p*ssy hard.

“Daddy wait let me bang you well, let me feed you with my breast as I bang you till you cum”

That was Anita talking, all her slutty nature came out in one moment, she made me lay on the bench in my kitchen and spread my legs apart like I was a female as she pressed my leg to my shoulder, grabbing my erect d*ck and fixing it into her p*ssy and then she began to bang me like I was the girl, Anita was pounding so hard that her sweat was dripping all over my face, she would finger my butthole while i did the same to her, she fed me with her boobs as I suckled away in pleasure, she artifully she banged and whined her waist as she moaned away

ANITA: Daddy slap my yansh! slap my yansh very hard, Daddy o your prick sweet no be lie

I spanked her ass and she jerked on my cock each time my hand met her ass, she held me by the throat and squeezed it so hard that I gasped for breath and in the struggle to get off her grip I used my d*ck to hit her from under so hard that the moment she left me her cum spilled and flowed down my balls and I banged in sheer sweetness of her cunt and as I was about to cum I held her by the bead and banged a little bit harder and I grabbed the bead and my cum went shooting into her vagina as I tore the bead in ecstacy and they all fell oo the tiles in the kitchen floor.

I preferred Anita when she in the world that in the fake make believe world that she eluded herself in, we continued banging like rat every now and then until one day

…. Stay tuned to Episode 3


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