Funny Enough! 75-yr-old woman marries a 27-yr-old man…says ‘Love has no age limit’

autun Nakanda, a great-grand mother is now married to 27-year-old Steven Tikubuwana and the couple is now living together in the old woman’s house in Kyungu village in central Uganda’s district of Mukono.

To those who were attacking the old woman for getting married to the young man old enough to be her grand child she said;

‘Love has no age limit.We love each other and that is what matters in marriage.”

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Tikubuwana has advised those against his marriage to the old woman to mind their business and leave them alone. He said,

”I wonder why some people who poke their noses in issues that do not concern them. Why are they concerned about my marrying an old woman of my choice?”

He said that when he lost his job and had nowhere to stay, the old woman welcomed him to her house and some how they fell in love and are now husband and wife. An elder on the village, Vincent Kalule said,

”I wonder whether that young man is in his senses. How can a 27 year old man marry a 70 yr old woman. What kind of marriage is that,” he posed.



  1. Age is just a number

    Once its nt a green card tn, then its love

    Buh wait o…. Wil the guy eva be a father? Cos im sure she has attained menopause!
    Unless she’l be the sarah of our time.
    Until then goodbye…
    Ka chukwu mezie okwu ya

  2. To me, i cant see any 27 years guy marrying the 75yrs old woman cos the guy even look like 80yrs old.. They fit eachother

  3. If it were to be the other way round; A 75year old Man marries a 27year old woman, no issue would have been raised! Somebody give this guy a break… There must have been something he saw in granny or better still, the guy is just a Mad dog!!!

  4. oshiomole must have been his mentor! if oshiobaba fit marry dat young lady at his age…who is he not to marry this old lady at his age!

  5. Ok… People have different views of love and marriage… If the lady was white, a lot of people would have assumed its green card.. As far as he is not married to a fellow man, am less concerned

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