APC Chieftains Bola Tinubu and Bisi Akande meets with Buhari after OBJ’s visit

The National Leader of the All Progressives Congress, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, and a former Governor of Osun State, Chief Bisi Akande, held a secret meeting with President Muhammadu Buhari at the Presidential Villa on Wednesday.

The visit came less than 24 hours after former President Olusegun Obasanjo met with Buhari.

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Addressing State House correspondents after the one-hour meeting, Tinubu, who is a former Governor of Lagos State, said he did not come to submit any ministerial list to the President.

“What can I do about that, they have the right to speculate, they have the right to their lies and I have the right to debunk,” he said.

However, a reliable source told one of our correspondents that the ministerial list was one of the topics discussed at the meeting.

The source said just as Tinubu was given the power to pick Buhari’s running mate during the electioneering, Buhari was giving him the privilege of filling some positions that should go to the South-West.

He said, “Buhari never marginalised the South-West as is being reported. Most of the northern appointments that Buhari made are those that will work closely with him in the villa and Tinubu was not really interested in them.

“It was Tinubu that recommended Babatunde Fowler to head the Federal Inland Revenue Service and that is the next best thing after oil which many people don’t understand.

“Buhari has insisted that people that are answering to cases of corruption will not be part of his government and Tinubu is aware of this. He has recommended a former commissioner in Lagos for appointment too and he will be part of Buhari’s economic team even if he is not appointed as a minister.”

When asked how many ministerial slots Buhari had given Tinubu, the source said he could not say for sure but added that Buhari was planning to compensate Tinubu for losing out to Senate President Bukola Saraki and Yakubu Dogara during the National Assembly internal elections

He added, “Every state is expected to produce a minister and we already know that there will be some issues with some stubborn state governors. So, if Tinubu loses out at the ministerial level, he will be made to nominate the chairman of some parastatals and government agencies.”

When asked to explain why Tinubu and Akande chose to visit Buhari just a day after Obasanjo, the source said, “It was purely coincidental. Buhari is travelling out of the country tomorrow (today) and Tinubu wanted to tidy up some things before the President’s departure.”

Meanwhile, Tinubu has dismissed the Peoples Democratic Party’s allegations of dictatorship levelled against President Buhari.

Tinubu, in an interview with State House correspondents said the PDP should be quiet, if it did not have anything to say.

The former governor stated that the PDP created the rot that Buhari was cleaning, adding that the rot could not be swept under the carpet.

The PDP governors, after a meeting in Yenagoa, the Bayelsa State capital, on Tuesday said Nigeria was sliding into dictatorship under the leadership of Buhari.

Defending the President, Tinubu said, “What is dictatorship about what he has done? He has helped to stimulate the economy in the various states and that is where the people are. So what is dictatorship? And the institutional paralysis had occurred in the country.

“It is very important for a steady man like the President to really help the nation recover from the paralysis and that is what he is doing so I don’t see what is dictatorial about that. If they don’t have anything to say, they rather be quiet. They created what is wrong here today and we can’t sweep that under the carpet. There must be rule of law.”

He also denied a claim that he went to the Presidential Villa to submit the ministerial list to Buhar, saying, “What can I do about that, they have the right to speculate, they have the right to their lies and I have the right to debunk.”

The APC leader said that there was no power struggle between him and former Vice-President Atiku Abubakar

“Our party is not even looking at the direction of power struggle or anything of such. The support structure is to encourage and support the President as you have heard from Chief Bisi Akande, to help him institutionalize his goal, principle and vision for a new Nigeria,” Tinubu stated.

He defended Buhari against criticisms that trailed his delay in releasing ministerial list, adding that there was a pitfall in rushing.

Tinubu stated, “Rush can cascade into mistakes of unimaginable magnitude. There is equally glory and recovery in slowness, when you have a slow fix of a bad foundation. So to me, I would rather take the one that will last the country and endeavour for a longer period of time than the rush hour shopping.”

Also speaking ,Akande, who was at the meeting, said the President “inherited piles of rot.” He said that they discussed the rot the PDP left for it was defeated



  1. Fact no 1…..”It was Tinubu that recommended Babatunde Fowler to head the federal inland revenue service and that’s the next best thing after oil which many people don’t understand”. Now let the doubters of “juicy portfolios” understand. Fact no 2……Those appointments Pa Buhari have made so far are those that will work “closely” with him at the villa. Meaning ” I’ve got to get only “my people” to work “closely” with me. Does anybody still believe that these men aren’t putting their hand were their mouth is? We now know what the two best things are (oil and inland revenue) And the two areas have now been occupied by Pa Buhari and Tinubu’s men. Plus we now also know those that will be in that close circle in the villa (only Pa Buhari’s men). Now let sit down and see what’s the third and fourth best thing and whose men will fill those positions. This is clearly now about hierarchy. Whose’s next in rank in the APC? Atiku, OBJ, Amaechi, Kwankuanso … who? Lets Sidon look. There’s nothing honest about this government. It is same old, same old. Time they say is a purifier, and time is beginning to expose these men.

  2. I do not understand your point. The government of the day is just doing what is normal. You don’t expect them to appoint Jonathan and Metuh’s men, or do you?

  3. The point he is trying to make is that the same old recycle of corrupt, fat politician who has in the past looted us dry and yet not found guilty or touchable. This is not about GEJ get it!!!
    It looks like you have a another veil covering your sight to understand his point.

  4. Oponu nnena, i hope somebody breaks a baseball bat over your head so you can scream out your real name.
    I feel truly sorry for a decent man like Buhari trying to bring sanity to Nigeria when he’s up against so many lunaticss like you that are praying day and night for him to fail.

  5. 60,000 already lost there jobs, #311billion lost in 24hours…..Oluku, i will be the one to break bottle on your forehead so your eyes and ears can be opened.

  6. Looks like nnena’s comment pierced your heart so much like a needle. You cried more than the bereaved. But he has no certificate and it will go down with him to the grave. So stop crying each time the topic is broached up.

  7. Very good answer, well done ! It’s shocking the number of young people cheering on old hags on here, it simply defies logic and common sense !

  8. If you think they are old idiots, present yourself for service by joining politics as they did. Or is anybody stopping you

  9. The Old Nursery Rhythm ,”Parents listen to your children, we are the Leaders of Tomorrow” are no longer part of school songs cos even the kids now know the Old ones are not ready to let go of their right to lead.

  10. Everything that we read in the above report only centred on speculation in the name of ‘hear-say’ journalism. If it is established that Tinubu dispelled the rumour that he went to see Mr president on ministerial issue, and we then see people already basing their filthy belief on speculation, do we then need to bother ourselves over their insinuations?

    It is now that those who enormously sacrificed, struggled to free and deliver us from those who enslaved us for a quite number of years in captivity have decided to recycle themselves? But when they were unanimously struggling to rescue us from a ‘sixteen-year’ old captivity, we were here hailing those whom you feferred to as old id..o…t!

    What is even wrong if any democratic nation’s governing party’s national leader recommends so and so person(s) to the President in the area of appointments? Don’t we know the importance of recommendations in every aspect of human dealings with one another, particularly in the area of business or politics? How many of us weren’t recommended to our employers by personalities who are very close, well known or even loyal to our employers?

    Why are we then so much enmeshed in hypocrisy in this part of earth planet? Nothing that will ever make us be pleased with people that have sacrificed so much for our freedom in the hands of those who have enslaved us for sixteen years. May God turn to us in quick deliverance!

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