Buhari:”chibok girs scatter,some married off while appointing minister getting tough”

More than 513 days after the abduction of the Chibok Secondary School girls in Borno State, hopes of rescuing the girls en bloc vaporized as President Muhammadu Buhari, Tuesday, disclosed that they have been dispersed and some of them, especially Christians, married off against their faith.

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President Buhari made the comments in an interview on BBC Hausa service on Tuesday.

Asked if he received any information about the whereabouts of the kidnapped Chibok girls, he said: “They (Boko Haram insurgents) have scattered them, and (they) are being guarded at dispersed locations. Most of the girls are Christians and were forced to embrace Islam. The sect’s cruel leaders have married some of the girls, obviously against their wish. Others have been left to practice their religion but their condition could hardly be ascertained.
“Both ground and air security personnel in the Sambisa forest could spot where the girls are, but since the insurgents have also kidnapped housewives and other women, no one could say whether they mixed them or how they dispersed them. But efforts are being intensified and as people know, the three neighbouring governments of Cameroon, Chad, and Niger are helping us since these suicide bombers are now going to their areas and detonating the bombs in mosques and other places.”

On his efforts to check the Boko Haram insurgency, Buhari said: “One of the decisions we took soon after we came into office was to change the service chiefs and we overhauled the infantry. We mandated the military chiefs to change the infantry, re-train them, equip them with adequate weapons and put trained and qualified commanders for the soldiers. The three states of Yobe, Borno and Adamawa know the successes being recorded now.”

Locals must help fight Boko Haram

Told that despite this success of the military, suicide bombers have continued to strike, the President fingered the international dimension of the insurgency and stressed the need for the support of local people in the war.

“Boko Haram members have pledged their allegiance to ISIS — an insurgent group from the Middle East, with enough money and its members were brainwashed into killing innocent people, including Al-Shabbab around Somalia, and Al-Qa’eda from Yemen, plus the ISIS itself around Syria and Iraq. If you can recall, ISIS even went to mosques in Saudi Arabia and killed people on about three to five occasions not to talk of doing same in Nigeria. So, the biggest problem here is how they brainwashed young people, including young girls, who go to mosques, churches, markets, motor parks and detonate bombs, kill themselves and other civilians. How we are going to overcome this is going back to the traditional security apparatus — community leaders, neighbours, district heads, emirs, who should begin to identify new faces in their localities and ask them where they come from and what brought them. They can identify them in either markets, or any other place. This is what will help us in that regard so that those planning to undertake suicide missions could be identified and they would be dealt with appropriately,” he said.

I appointed people I can trust

In the interview, Buhari also defended his recent appointments criticized by many Nigerians as lopsided, saying he nominated people he could trust, and who had worked with him for years.

An overwhelming majority of the President’s senior appointees are from the northern region of the country, where he comes from, and about 33 per cent of the appointments is from his native Katsina State. The South East has no appointee yet.

Asked why his appointments are lopsided, he said: “This is the nature of Nigerian politics. If they will do justice to me, as an elected Nigerian president, let them look at the Constitution a Nigerian president works with; there are people who will closely work with me that don’t need to be taken to the Senate. If I select people whom I know quite well in my political party, whom we came all the way right from the APP, CPC and APC, and have remained together in good or bad situation, the people I have confidence in and I can trust them with any post, will that amount to anything wrong? I have been with them throughout our trying times, what then is the reward of such dedication and suffering? They did not defect because of positions, they did not involve themselves in the pursuit of personal gains, and they accepted their fate throughout our trying moments. What is wrong if I make you the secretary (of the federal government) because I have confidence that things will go normal?”

NNPC, big theatre of theft

On his anti-graft war and whether he has made some recoveries since he came to power, the President identified the Nigeria National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) as the biggest arena for stealing the country’s funds.

His words: “The biggest area of stealing of Nigeria’s funds was through NNPC, which is the apex oil selling corporation. That was why we dissolved their board and brought someone who knows the oil sector very well, but who is not from NNPC and entrusted him with the leadership of the NNPC. And instead of the eight major departments, four were liquidated and four continue to exist. This is because, for the past 10 years, the crude oil stealing has been going on using some vessels. By law, their owners, captains and where they are taking the crude must be known.

“So, the method for the crude oil stealing was that those involved shipped the crude through smaller vessels and then transfer the crude to the larger vessels at distant locations in the ocean, before they head to other countries. Some of them carry the crude but later change the destination.

“Our new approach is to get support from European countries, the US and China. Those doing the bunkering, you need to know the amount first and the banks they deposit the monies, etc. These are the things we are doing currently. And you know, those developed countries are strict on evidences and you have to show the evidences of such cases before they can assist you. If you recall, during the military regimes, such people were arrested, thoroughly interrogated and arraigned before the courts with evidences.

“But that is impossible now. It is democracy and even the foreign countries, where the money is being taken to, practice democracy. The companies involved in buying the crude and the banks that kept the money would be identified so that we would determine whether they are Nigerians or not; whether the stolen crude and its quantity was actually taken from here, sold with the Nigerian name and how what accrued to Nigeria was diverted.

“So, the situation is a complex one, but we are getting support from governments of those countries, including their security agencies. When we get the relevant documents, we would bring them (culprits) back to our courts and try them. We would then show the evidence to the world that the crude oil they traded was actually stolen or shipped with Nigerian name but later changed the papers and took away the money, instead of depositing them into the Central Bank of Nigeria.”

Asked when he would prosecute the looters given his recent promise that within weeks, Nigerians would witness the prosecution of such looters in the courts, he responded: “Actually, we are at the verge of doing that. I have just explained the difficulties involved. In the past, around 1984, the process we underwent to recover the stolen monies was different from the one we are adopting now. It was a military regime at that time, but now, ideologies of the countries involved is that until you are proved guilty, you remain innocent. And that is what we have been trying to establish; the actual identity of the people, where they took the crude to, did they really pay back the money to the CBN or to the pocket of some individuals? Was the entire crude shipped or part of it? This is not an easy thing and we have never realized its complexity until recently when some foreign countries agreed to support our course.”

Appointing ministers tough

The President who reassured that his cabinet would be in place before the end of the month, however, disclosed that he is finding the process difficult to finish because of the massive rot in the polity.

“The process is difficult to finish. So, we would continue the screening to come up with people that deserve to hold the positions. This is because, what I see daily in terms of the damage inflicted on Nigeria in the last 10 years is enormous. Only God knows its magnitude,” he said.

Asked if there were names that he earlier lined up for appointments that he later discovered their complicity and then changed his mind, Buhari said: ‘’There are people that deserve to hold the position because of their knowledge in either financial issues or oil sector or even in governance. But you discover that in one way or the other, and whether they knew it or not, they were dragged to such unwholesome practices. Bringing such people will be tantamount to leaving your doors open when you have gone to rest in your apartment. Putting such people in either financial, petrol or works ministry would be dangerous because behind the scene, some people control a person. They would be dictating to them with a threat to award them contracts.



  1. There is hope for Nigeria, I can see that the president means well for the country, we all owe him our supports and prayers and drop sentiments. Long live the federal republic of Nigeria

  2. Na wa oooooooooo

    Our President don talk again

    U mean to say in d whole of south no one has persistency of good character?

    Then shame to U Mr. President.

    U yourself weren’t truthful all along yet here U are as d President of d Federal republic of Nigeria

    U were not even patriotic when U threatened to make Nigeria ungovernable for GEJ yet hear U are castigating others.

    U need to wake up Nigeria is not all about d norths who has always and still continue to be at d helm of affairs.

    Mind U DAT if d others also agitate d way they always do then this country will be in chaos.

    Mr President only fools will fall for your childish defence of your violation of d rule of law.

    If they were loyal to U then appreciate them personally a d not at the detriments of Nigerians or better still mix them up with people of integrity from West, East and South.

    U have no excuse of flaunting d North on Nigerians.

    God bless Nigeria.


  4. “Most of the girls are Christians but were forced to embrace Islam”. Buhari, can you see what Islam is about and the killings of innocent souls?

    “It will be difficult to rescue the girls because they have been dispersed with some married off”. Buhari, didn’t this information come before your campaign?

    “We have come a long way from ANPP through CPC to APC and these people have been there all through, o if not appointment, which other way can you REWARD them?” Buhari, is it a government of reward rather than sanctity as promised by acclaimed saint?

    “The measure adopted sometimes in 1984 to recover stolen monies is not applicable now”. Buhari, with your body language conspicuously snubbing your own party members and the use of the DSS to clamp down some States government legally put in place by the people? In other word, please tell us the difference between Buhari of 1984 and that of today.

  5. Please let this man be, he is trying let’s give him some time, to me he has not done anything wrong appointing those he can trust even if they are all from one LGA the point is can these people do this job to the benefit of ALL NIGERIANS? for the past 16 years we have been doing this federal charater and regional appointment where has it lead us to. Please my people let us rise in one voice both old and young, north and south, christian and muslims and fight corruption

  6. I thought this man was prepared for National leadership, but daily he is exposing himself as a local leader of a section of Nigeria. Since 2003 when Buhari joined political participation of the fourth Republic, there are no associates of his from the South East of Nigeria who have remained consistent with him in either ANPP, CPC or APC? He has not found any such men he can trust, or envision with his ” fake messianic mantra”. This is hogwash, he lacks basic understanding of leadership concepts! I pity first class brains like Dr Ogbonnaya Onu who have submitted themselves to such archaic leadership with no Nationalistic vision. His vision is very limited and his politics is not pragmatic. It is tribalistic and stunted and will never release the latent energies of Nigerians to build a great nation

  7. Buhari you’re a big thief, you’re pointing that stick finger of yours on people, accusing them for stealing. Where are your looted Nigeria fund? Nigerians should calculate $2.8 billion you steal as the PTF chairman though not only that and tender the percentage profit of the money till now and you dullard Buhari is here opening your gworo unbrush smelling mouth to call other government officials thieves

  8. I wonder the true representatives of Boko Haram that gave Buhari this authentic information if not that he is their spokesman. Boko Haram have spoken through their spokesman in Aso Villa, Buhari. So let the #BringBackOurGirls be laid to rest

  9. Buhari has confirmed it all. The kidnap of those girls was purely a Northern agenda hence they selected a Christian dominated school and sieved out the Moslems including the school principal’s daughter who was taken out of school the same day. They have challenged God and in the fullness of time will be punished and disgraced. Buhari isn’t ashamed of shouting oil, oil, oil and appointing his Fulani kinsmen to preside over oil revenue even as parasites in Nigeria.

  10. can someone explain to the reasons why The senator in charge of Borno North Worn and election and died mysteriously? Can some one explain why the deputy Governor of Borno State Die in his sleep? these are questions we ,most be ready to answer if we believe the bible……
    The Lord is in charge of this Battle as more issues unfold…..
    He who Kill with the sword shall surely died by the sword……

  11. I can bet any day that non of those that conceptualized the project of making Nigeria ungovernable through this dastardly act will survive divine judgment. Just wait and see how the North will become another Lebanon in due course. God can neither be mocked nor deceived. He doesn’t lose to man either but will pay in the fullness of time

  12. The issue of the Chibok girls is as fraudulent as all the frauds that made Buhari the least educated president in the world today. Buhari can continue speaking to Hausa BBC service, but all the veil of deceit and lies he used to primitively and violently force himself back to power has crumbled. No single basis for the support US and UK gave to Buhari to become president has turned out truthful. The world has since seen him for what he is. In the future, he’ll be so ashamed to travel beyond West Africa because of the embarrassing questions he will be faced with. Not all media outlets are like the patronizing BBC (AWUSA) service

  13. What is new in what you just posted. We all know BH agenda from day one anyway. So why are you sounding as if it was another breaking news. Not every Northern person is pro-BH.

    What is wrong in Buhari mentioning oil. Is he not the president of the Federal republic of Nigeria. Oh, has oil producing regions seceded? They are no longer part of Nigeria?

    if given the opportunity, you guys will not hesitate to practice what took place in Rwanda in 1994. Your comment is inflammatory. There is nothing in our constitution that says a president must appoint his staff from every ethnic group. Looking at America and British democracy, new presidents and PM usually appoint their staff based on when they have known them. Their skills, their loyalty etc, not on the basis of which state or region they came from.

    What Buhari can’t change is how he chooses his ministers. Wether he likes it or not, ministers must be chosen from all the states in the federation.

  14. Very correct…and I found his statements rambling, undigested and lacking in clarity…So, if he hadn’t got the evidence all this while, why did he and oshiomhole and the whole lot of them go to town with sensational allegations of corruption?

  15. Finally the truth is coming out and from the horse’s mouth. The malu has finally confirmed what we have been saying all along that no one was kidnapped from Chibok as Buhari and co made the world to believe. Only those without thinking falculty would have believed that that number of humans could be kidnapped from a place like Chibok (please google to find out the terrain of this village) with no accessible road without anyone noticing or raising an alarm. To complicate matters, we were told that these girls were transported hundred of miles to another location without any third party taking notice even with all the police/military checkpoints in place as at the time the incident was said to have happened! This latest revelation has shown that the Northerners, of which Buhari is a prominent and active member, arranged the Chibok drama just to bring Jonathan’s government into local and international ridicule in order for a Northerner to gain power. Sadly they succeeded in their plot with the help of gullible Nigerians, ironically most of those so deceived coming from the self-styled ‘most educated’ and ‘politically sophisticated’ dullards from Yoruba land.

  16. Did you actually read the above answers to the interviews from PMB?. Please be sincere and reasonable with your comments or read the above interviews and answers again!.

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