I Have Declared My Assets to ‘Relevant Authorities’,No Need Of Public Declaration- Says Wike

The Rivers State Governor, Nyesom Wike on Wednesday stated that he has declared his assets to ‘relevant authorities’ and as a result, he doesn’t feel the need for a public declaration of assets.

His opinion was expressed via a statement released by his Special Adviser on Media and Publicity, Opunabo Inko-Tariah.

Here is the statement:

The governor has declared his assets and this is exactly what he told newsmen during the tour of his administration’s projects. There is no law compelling him to make his declaration public. He has declared his assets and the declaration was made to the relevant authority.

Let me also say that it is not just about asset declaration; it has to do with the sincerity of the person because some may over-declare when they want to steal in future. So, they declare to accommodate the theft in future.

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Some may also declare for whatever reason; maybe they have held public offices in the past and they don’t want people to know that they have stolen money. So, people will declare; it is not all about the declaration of assets.

What is crucial is the sincerity of the person declaring and you are supposed to declare when you get out of office. But the truth is that if you are a governor or a minister, what matters is the delivery of the dividends of democracy. That is what is important and it is not about what you declare and how much you declare.



  1. I know that PDP governors giving their evil agenda to embezzle their states funds will not comply with the directive to make a public declaration. PDP is a party with sole intent to milk the public fund dry though corruption. Can you imagine they are advocating that people should emphasised asset declaring with the reasons that some will over declare with the purpose of embezzling money and while other with will under declare. I guess PDP still have the notion they can still deceive the general public, they must be living under the illusion that Nigerians don’t have the idea that every declarations will go through thorough investigation. I am sure someone like Wike cannot withstand his asset being scrutinised, he’s afraid his corruption did as a minister will come to the open.

  2. Yes o mr wike, you have declared it according to decietful law you and your legislooter colleagues crafly designed to cover your tract. Keep it up Mr Looser

  3. Bros Wike…… Nigerians are the appropriate authority you need to declare your assets to cos we deserve to know in order to be sure of a transparent governance……wetin dey scare you to tell is say Na wetin you get be this and that?……

  4. Abegiii.. Stop Deceit. It is better to declare assets directly with the CCB without making it public than declaring false or Oluwole type of assets declaration to the public.

  5. Please where and when did Wike declared his assets?And as what capacity?

    GEJ ass lickers are even patting him on the back. cheesy cheesy cheesy cheesy

    What a country!!!!

  6. 9ja which way forward sef? I believe for a better future of Nigeria…irrespective of ruling party..to encourage a positive step. Yaradua made his public (+ve), Gej said he does not give a damn (-ve) Pmb has tried to follow the positive path wether truthful or not. Now rather than applaud his step and pressure all to follow suit, You all are castigating him and applauding another person that has chosen to conceal his.

  7. Why are you convulsing here…It’s very simple, Buhari promised to make his assets public… so what is there in holding him to his word?…Don’t you think you’re the sick one here?

  8. see your life? When PMB declared his, you called for his head that he should make it public…now it is a public case; Can you say that for wike??

  9. Criminal. After you and Ayo ole Fayose has criticized Buhari to publicly declare his assets. You thieves are now dodging to follow suit

  10. Wrong Mr Wike, you need to make it public! That’s accountability and honesty. Our President and his Vice did, so be open with the public.

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