FG sends technical team to UniLag

The Federal government has dispatched a high-powered technical team to the University of Lagos site, where a 300 level Accounting student, Oluchi Anekwe was electrocuted.

The technical team, led by Engr. Peter Ewesor of Nigeria Electricity Management Services Limited, (NEMSL) has arrived Lagos State and now on ground to commence its findings.

A Deputy Director in charge of press at the ministry, Mr. Timothy Oyedeji who disclosed this in a statement last night in Abuja, said the team was at UNILAG to unravel the actual cause of the incident.

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According to him, “At the end of the exercise, the team is expected to find out what actually went wrong and which groups or individuals are culpable after which appropriate sanction will be forwarded to the regulator – Nigeria Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC).

He added that, “Furthermore, the report will also contain future mitigating measures that would prevent future occurrence of this kind of fatalities.”

The statement further quoted the Permanent Secretary in the ministry of Power, Ambassador Godknows Igali as on behalf of the sector’s family expressing deep



  1. Sequel to this accident, I did request that Lagos state & FG assure their citizens of their safety and I was not disappointed.

    PMB U DID WELL. This is a step forward hopefully and prayerfully this sought of accident will not occur again.

    God bless Nigeria.

  2. You are right. But this is better than not sanctioning those responsible and not putting corrective and preventive measure in place.

  3. A responsible gov should swing into action on the occurence of this thype of accident. Before now, on this type of issue, Federal gov would either keep quite or tell us it the case would be investigated and nothing happens afterwards.

  4. But never anyone to Uniport for the negligence of UPTH members of staff which resulted in the death of a theatre arts female student

  5. This is why i dislike nigeria govt, they will not do the right thing untill bad things hapen, now they have sents a technical team to unilag because of electrocuted student, after a big lost, i was told that prevention is better than caure, but this orientation is not in our leaders book at all, Now let’s take a look on this roads i will mention, (1) from imo state to rivers state road is nothing to right about moreover the (umuapu) area, (2), look also at the road lead from abia state to rivers state again is in a very bad state,(3) let’s also look at this one here, if ur coming from koki state to edo state mainly from dangote’s cement junction down to edo state is a very bad sharp trap, the road is so narrow and bad, fg will do nothing untill somthing bad hapen.

  6. Lets face reality, the cable does not belong to the Federal gov. In addition, the school authoriy should have devised a means of monitoring such facilities just as the students accused the school authority of not paying attention to dilapidated faclites. THye would have informed the approriate authority for necessary action before the incident happened.

  7. You spoke my mind. GEJ may either keep mute or tell us the accident would be invesigate and nothing happens afterwards.
    This current gov prove they belive in action that words

  8. So in your mind, it’s only Omotola you perceive to have been the only person who called on FG? Very funny of you! In case you don’t know, it’s the VC’s briefings to the FG education ministry officials and the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission, NERC, that has resulted in FG’s moves!!

  9. Which FG? Did nigeria have government? From day one till date, nigerian have no government. If nigeria have a responsible government, there wouldn’t be careless date , there wouldn’t be hunger, unemployment, killing, oppression etc . nigeria leaders are all thief’s only cares for their families

  10. Is this govt using the misbehaviour and callousness of the previous govt as the basis for her own action. Change is the mantra. Lets show the previous regime we’re better. That’s where I anchor my arguement.

  11. It’s a welcome development. Get whosoever is responsible for the maintenance of the track line to explain why the ugly incident happened. If found guilty, take necessary disciplinary measure on the culprit (s). This will send a strong warning signal to others to sit up.

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