Trailer ruins 9-year-old in Onitsha

A Nine-year-old girl was yesterday crushed at Afor –Nkpo- New Tarzan axis, near Onitsha, Anambra State by a liquor haulage van, which injured 24 others.

The girl was said to be returning from an errand when she met her death as her body had been deposited at Eyi Enu Hospital Mortuary, Ogidi.

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An eye witness said the lorry driver was shouting from afar to alert people that his breaks were faulty, only for the vehicle to slam into a spot where people were gathered, killing the girl on the spot.

The eyewitness said: “The driver could not control the situation and he immediately jumped out alongside the conductor. The lorry hit one L300 inside the waterway; smashed the little girl and rammed into a hair-dressing saloon.”

The lorry also trapped an aged man under its tyre, while the owner of the hair dressing saloon managed to run away, leaving her five-year-old child behind.

The lorry, with number plate XA424-AAH (Anambra) had full load of lager beer beverage at the time of the accident.

The eye witness said that the people around managed to pull the old man out of the tyre, with his legs shattered, while the five- year-old child was rescued unhurt.



  1. I must say that what we have in Nigeria are arriving educated fool, why wouldn’t big lorries be banned from operating on day time ,in countries that values human being you don’t see lorries operate on day time even if they do they have their own lane and all of this our foolish senators do visit there why wouldn’t sign that as law in Nigeria. Foolish leaders

  2. It’s high time FRSC shld initiate enlightment programme to the drivers of articulated vehicles. The rate with which the truck drivers are involving in accident these days are worrisome

  3. let them put iron protector on all their road. it really disturbed me anytime i travel and see all their roads without iron protector.

  4. U are pitiable, do u realise we have more of our people scattered all over Nigeria with properties worth trillions of naira? it pains me when our people foolishly make statements of hatred toward other tribe, risking d life of our people, we have everything to gain in a peaceful Naija than a trouble nation, change your attitude or better still keep your sentiments out of social media

  5. I think government & d federal government shld do something about these roads & d trailers for crying out loud…. For GOD sake, dis is human lives we re talking about, from different states u hear somebody been killed by trailer or tanker or even motor car,,,,, pliz,pliz & pliz, they should try & find a lasting solution to d roads & those trailers or what so ever bcos the money is there to solve the problems of d bad road

  6. The Department of Motor Vehicles is to be probe for allowing such a malfunctioning truck on the roads. In fact that is when probe should be exercised by the master of probe.

  7. How many times does this have to happen before trailers plying our road are subjected to a thorough check b4 they are allowed to move freely.

  8. Obama formed a presidential committee to look into the shortage of bees in america and results are coming forth.
    Trailers crushing people.
    Fulanis killing for free.
    hy our own presidential committee hardly yields result is because of tribalism.
    We are Nigerians only when it suits us.

  9. The same old story: trailers and tankers competing in speeding with little cars, obstructing the little cars from surpassing them, only to complain of brake failure. Our road safety is adamant to the situation. Nigerians should take the law into their hands and start burning to ashes the trailers and their drivers so that this nonsense will stop. The same old story: illiterates and drunken men are allowed to drive high engine power vehicles without adequate driving school and civil responsibility in the name of insurance, yet nobody cares. Nigerians are dying in the same way since the military regime till date. This can only happen in a ZOO REPUBLIC.

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