Funny Enough: New report claims Serena Williams was exhausted after marathon sex with Drake & that’s why she lost

Yesterday Serena Williams lost her bid for the first Grand Slam in tennis in 27 years and many are blaming her rumoured boyfriend Drake for it.

According to report, a British tabloid said Drake is the one to blame for Serena losing at the U.S Open to a virtually unknown player named Roberta Vinci. And it has to do with sex, plenty of it. Lol

The mag claimed that Serena and Drake were having ‘too much sex’ and that Serena was ‘weakened’ from all the ‘off the court’ exercise that she was doing.

A person close to the tennis star is quoted as saying “Serena was exhausted from all the nightly sex sessions with Drake that went on for hours, sapping all her energy”. Yeah, right! Lol

Meanwhile someone close to Serena told Hollywood Life that Serena isn’t blaming Drake for her loss. “She doesn’t blame Drake but would have rather him not have shown up till the finals,”

Unfortunately, Serena can’t turn back time and tell Drake not to show up to her match.

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  1. dt is d power of s*x. why can’t u forgone s*x and claim d glory first. drake is enemy of progress. william is to be blame also for engagin in such acts. opportunity comes once in blue moon. drake belong to illuminate, and the av used him to stop serena william to become d third person dt won d grand slam. later dey are going to date again. I pray for u today , God will not allow yu enemy to stop u for claiming yu glory.

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