Only Borno people can give detailed account of Boko Haram insurgency – Bishop Mani says

The Archbishop of the Jos Ecclesiastical province and Bishop of Maiduguri Diocese of the Anglican Communion, Emmanuel Kana Mani has said that no one can give a detailed account of the Boko Haram insurgency than the people of Borno, Yobe and Adamawa states.

Mani in a statement commemorating his 25 years as a Bishop in Maiduguri, said academics and commentators were basically scratching through what was given to them as secondary materials.

He added that those living in Maiduguri in the last six years and were still living had seen it all and had paid the supreme price of martyrdom.

He said both Christians and Muslims must continue to remain focused on God’s divine intervention and continue to pray for security operatives to wipe the Boko Haram out of the country.

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The Bishop who declared this year as a year of freedom and liberty,” living in unity does not mean that we will all agree on everything. Yet, we must agree on our purpose in life to work together for God. Our outward expression of unity in diversity is to de-emphasize our differences and emphasize our togetherness.”

While speaking on discipline and corruption, he said the degree of lawlessness in Nigeria was very high, “thereby making our laws and codes of behavior a mere paper work, which has never seen the light of the day”.

“War against indiscipline (WAI), against corruption must be fought by all. Corruption is man made or man driven.

The ‘sacred cow’ syndrome must be totally eliminated. Nobody is above the law, therefore, let President Muhammadu Buhari, intensify his fight against corruption while we assured the President of our prayer and support to sensitized Nigeria,” the Bishop said.

He described the media as a veritable tool for shaping the society in any nation, urging them to be neutral and report facts as well as watch their use of language in reporting issues.

“I am very proud of the media practitioners in Maiduguri for the wonderful work they are doing. I do appreciate your hand of friendship and your good reportage about our activities whenever I call upon you.

“The way and manner you gave reports throughout during the time of insurgents’ attacks is highly commendable. You have never disappointed me and I am praying that we continue to work in partnership for the service of our father land. Continue to uphold the ethics of your noble profession and allow God to work in you, for the desired changed we are all yearning for in this country”, he added.

The Bishop who also gave kudos to the past and the present administration for emphasizing on the issue of National e-ID card said it was an important document for all Nigerians, adding that, it will assist in knowing authentic Nigerians and for correct national projection, effective planning and delivery of good services.



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