(Photos) Wedding Colors: The Awesome Blend of White & Yellow!

Checkout how “White”, an achromatic color, color at its most complete & purity, color of perfection, how it can perfectly blend well with bold and daring colors. White can stand on its own for a monochromatic tone, but with a few splash of bright colors like Yellow, Red, Green, Purple, Orange etc. See more photos detailed:




Credits: 9:22 Photography; Ennies Makeover



  1. My Sister wedding was VERY colorful…pink and teal with lots of vintage and fun details. The reception was in my mom’s backyard and the pool was filled with balloons, there were lawn flamingos, pink flowers everywhere, it was beautiful. Maybe not “elegant” or “classy” but definitely fun and very “us”!

  2. We did neutrals with pops of bright fall hues. I loved it! We used pewter and plum and then popped in burnt orange and fuchsia. Metallics and neutrals are always a favorite.

  3. Of all of the weddings I’ve been to the last few years, my favorite color palette was my friend, Kemi, palette of grey and yellow. It went quite well with the Marine Corps ‘theme’ she had

  4. I’m all about the color. My wedding was very colorful and nowadays, I get to enjoy the colorful inspiration boards that my team prepared

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