Armed Robbers attack us daily at night – Abuja Efab Estate Life Camp Residents cry out for help

Suspected armed robbers, operating with sophisticated weapons, have been attacking residents of Life Camp, City News has gathered.

A nurse, Mrs. Gloria Nsong, who lives at Efab Estate, Life Camp, said she recently had an encounter with men of the underworld.

She told our reporter that last Tuesday when she was coming home from work that day at about 9:30p.m. when she saw some boys in clothes that looked like police uniform near Masallaci stopping some vehicles. They stopped her and asked what was inside her booth and she told them it was some food items.

She said when one of them told her not to waste their time, it dawned on her that they were armed robbers.

“They pointed a gun at me and threatened me when I could not give them enough money. One later told me that they let me go because I was a woman. They took my handbag containing N7000, ATM cards and driver’s license,” she said.

Another victim who is a journalist in an Abuja-based media house, Daniel Chibundu, said he was attacked in his house at 1st Avenue, Efab Estate Life Camp on Monday afternoon.

He said the robbers gained entry through the back fence where there are rocks and that he was shocked when he saw some people struggling to open his back door, adding that he raised alarm but nobody helped him as one of the robbers hit him on the ead with the butt of the gun.

“The irony of it all is that my house is not far from the police outpost in Efab Estate. They stole my laptop, phones and some shirts that I recently purchased.”

Mallam Lawal, a resident of Goddab Estate in Life Camp, said that armed robbers attack them on a daily basis in the estate.

Speaking to our reporter, Lawal lamented that he was nearly killed recently when they stormed his house because he refused to open the door for them.

He said the suspected armed robbers normally gain entry through the bushes that surround the estate while hinting that he had repeatedly reported the incidents to Life Camp Police Division.

When contacted, Life Camp divisional police officer, Chief Superintendent Joseph Maman, declined to comment on the incidents but directed this reporter to the FCT police spokesperson.

The FCT police spokesperson, Assistant Superintendent Anjuguri Manzah, said he has not been informed of the robbery attacks.


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