I Caught My Husband On The Floor Of The Church Office, Having Sex With Another Woman – Pastor’s Wife Cries Out

A 42-year-old Pastor’swife, Mrs Doris Oseni,has told a Customary Court in Ondo town that she caught her husband of 12 years, Prophet Femi Oseni, on the floor of the church office, having sex with another woman.

The woman, who is also an Evangelist, therefore asked the court to dissolve her marriage on the ground of adultery, desertion and lack of love on the part of the husband .
The petitioner said her husband’s behaviour towards her changed after seven years of their marriage with no child, adding that since then, the defendant had been sleeping around with different women, most of whom were members of his congregation.

She added that after several days of abandoning her, she traced her husband to his church in a village not far from Ondo town.

She claimed that on getting there, she met her husband on the floor of the church office with one of the women in the church having sex.

She added that she reported her husband’s strange behaviour to his mother but that did not stop him from the alleged adulterous acts.

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As a result of this she said she was fed up of the relationship, praying the court to separate them.

Doris also accused the husband of having a child out of wedlock, who she said was a product of his extra-marital affairs.

The 45-year-old Oseni pleaded with the court not to dissolve the marriage, saying he still loved the woman, whom he described as a virtuous woman that had been taking care of him since he married her.

In his ruling the President of the Court, Joshua Adunbi, said the words and body language of the wife had shown that she was tired of the union, therefore ordered for the dissolution of the marriage.

Adunbi added that both parties were free to re-marry any person of their choice and ordered the petitioner to pay the sum of N2,500 to the respondent as a refund of dowry.

He however noted that anyone of the parties that was not satisfied with the decision of the court could appeal the ruling within 30 days.



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  2. Olorun lo mo eni ti sin oo. …
    I have been wondering, what is the essence of returning dowry’s money after bitter divorce.
    Is it a must or just tradition in Naija.

  3. i think is a must because u paid it to her parents/guardian for them to recognise u as their daughter’s husband and give u their daughter so they will also pay it back to take back their daughter

  4. Let him that thinks that he stands take heed lest he falls… Influence and authority have a way of undermining the moral composition… Men of great honour or position are the most assailed by the thoughts to take advantage of those whom they think they’re shepherding… In my opinion, I think that pastors and religious leaders should be looked upon with pity considering the fact I’ve stated

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