“i left N287bn in Abacha’s loot”-says OBJ

According to ADELOVE, former president Olusegun Obasanjo said “In total, by the time I left government in May 2007, over $2bn and £100m had been recovered from the Abacha family abroad, and well over N10bn in cash and properties locally. All were paid to the public treasury through the Central Bank.”

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Adding that “Enrico (Monfrini, a Swiss lawyer) told me by the time I left government that if he continued to get support for his work, there was still about $1bn he believed he could still recover from the Abacha family and cronies.”

Punch reports that OBJ said he left N287b in the coffers. The total figure was arrived at, using an exchange rate of N125.88 to a dollar, and N247.99 to a pound, respectively, as at 2007

Obasanjo said he paid the money into the Central Bank of Nigeria’s coffers.

This is contrary to the report released to Punch, by Dr. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, through her Special Adviser on Communication, Mr. Paul Nwabuikwu, that only $500m was recovered under Obasanjo’s tenure as President.

This revelation by Obasanjo also defers from the former Chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, Mallam Nuhu Ribadu’s claim, that only $2bn was recovered from the over $6bn looted by Abacha



  1. That’s why I don’t believe he is the right candidate to fight corruption. Because he has dined with and continues to dine with known looters of our treasury. He continues to shield them from prosecution. Case in point Abacha, OBJ, IBB

  2. I bliv Jonathan is the best option after all he made it clear that stealing is not corruption. We should give him another chance 2019 to legalise armed robbery by declaring it is not corruption. I don’t have to tell you armed robbery is not corruption. It’s about time Buhari start jailing wailers.

  3. I can see your fixation with candidate GEJ because I have gone through my post again and again, but I can’t find the word ‘Jonathan’ in my comment neither was I alluding to him being the best man for the job. Having said that I also understand your sarcasm.
    Calling someone a wailer because he aired his opinion no matter how silly it may sound to your civilized soul is at best condescending.
    Moreover, as much as I hate to admit it and at the risk of personal attack and name calling by beloved souls on this forum GEJ is right in differentiating stealing from corruption. Just do a research on Google for more enlightenment.
    We are also quick to condemn and lampoon GEJ’s government as the most corrupt but we forget his government ended the over 3 decades of fertilizer distribution corruption. He also thought through as well as implemented e-collection, National Integrated Payroll System, Treasury Single Account (TSA) which are proven ways of plugging leakages and wastages in government business all over the world. PMB inherited it as a finished project. I can go on and on.
    Harbouring big thieves in his (PMB) inner circle and then attempting to go after smaller thieves because they are easier to pick on cannot deal corruption a decisive blow.
    GEJ did not have the balls to go after the big thieves but decided to methodically use ICT systems and processes to weed out corruption in government business, which we saw as inactivity because we are use to sensational media trials of alleged corrupt persons.
    Mind you implementing this systems takes years to achieve.
    But I am also disappointed that ‘Mai Gaskiya’ will also not go after the big thieves. That is exactly what we need to do to end corruption in Nigeria.
    One person who came close was OBJ but it was soon politicised when he selectively targeted his enemies.

  4. I see reason with your arguments. The defining comments you made are:
    1. GEJ did not have the balls to do it (fight corruption). The phrase in bracket is mine.
    2. One person who came close was OBJ but it (fight against corruption) was soon politicised when he selectively targeted his enemies. Again, phrase in bracket is mine.
    The anger of the people against Jonathan was his attempt to cheaply shy away from fighting corruption with his famous ‘stealing is not corruption’ statement.

  5. A grave mistake indeed on his part, because as a man in authority there are certain things you shouldn’t say.
    It is very easy for whatever he says to be taken out of context and misunderstood

  6. GEJ said so. i watched the news where he said corruption is not stealing.forget GEJ,he is the worst thing that ever happen to Nigreria since 1960 till date

  7. Tell the id.ot that all corruptions do not necessarily involve stealing. Case in point, buhari’s certificate
    forgery and admission into NDA were corruption but not stealing physical stuff or materials.

  8. Pure crap, bruv.

    You write as if “public money” is just something that is laid on a table like the butcher’s meat at the market.

    The process of diverting it from its intended purpose and beneficiary and then getting it ready for stealing is called corruption.

    Stop trying to justify the reprehensible.

  9. There is no such huge difference. If you understand Set Theory in Mathematics, the closeness between the two will be clear to you. Corruption is a Super Set, covering a wide range of negative activities while Stealing is a Minor Set I.e. One of the negative activities that make up corruption.

  10. I do pray PMB recovers all our loot, but then if he decides to apply his Phd 95/5% thesis in utilizing those funds, that act is automatically termed corruption by it’s definition.
    PMB’s appointments so far falls under cronyism which another form of corruption

  11. So who’s your best candidate? Johnathan? Who released and pardoned Almustafa and Abacha son? Who mismanaged all the money in the country vault? Who never prosecuted a single person because stealing is not corruption or corruption is not stealing?

  12. I actually think Buhari is the smartest crook in Nigeria even above OBJ. He knows how to make other fall on his behalf, yet maintains a saintly and deceptive posture. In all his national assignments – from Petroleum minister, head of state, and PTF – his record is riddled with stinking and corrupt history, yet he keeps deceiving the gullible and ignorant Nigerians.

  13. Thumbs up. Buhari is the luckiest of them all. That is why from the day he joined the army with suspicious credentials till the last time he contested election with suspicious academic credentials, no Nigerian had the gut to question him.

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