(Episode 3) The Adventures i face as home tutor to Janet, a girl,19, well endowed with massive B00bs

The following week started. Sikira started her lessons at my house every 5 market days. She will stop by and spend between one hour to two hours before going to market. I was not s*xually attracted to sikirat because of her mode of dressing which was extremely local. I told her about her dressing and she said there was nothing she could do about it. I told her that I will get her new cloths, but she said she won’t be able to wear them because its madam that always buy the clothing for her and she dares not put on anything that doesn’t come from madam.

**chaiii, this madam is wicked ooooo, she just wanted to kill the beauty in this sikiratu, I thought**.

Whenever sikirat comes around, I teach her basic english and mathematics, and I gained something new in return, sikirat will branch at my place when coming back from the market, she will give me part of the food stuffs, beef and fruit she is suppose to carry to madam. I started eating good meals courtesy sikiratu, since the day1 of her lesson, I have been enjoying the same meal as that of the white house. Most times, sikirat will cook the soup for me before going back home. Yet, I didnt have the mindset of having s*x with her because she wasn’t s*xually attractive. We had problem with the Friday night classes because madam and the family always come back from church by 5am and sikirat must be met in the house, so we suspended the night tutorials. Janet was still skipping class as usual. From 5 classes to 4, then 3, now she attends only 2 classes in a week. I dare not tell madam as instructed, otherwise Janet will make me lose my job. All I do during janet’s periods is to sit down and watch african magic while she either goes out of the house or lock herself up in the room. I was getting uncomfortable about janet’s attitude and decided to speak with sikirat about it one day during our lessons in my house.

ME: sikirat, what is wrong with that janet sef?, she is very lazy, she keeps skipping class and I’m getting fed up.

SIKIRAT: **laughs for a while**: sebi she dey reduce your stress ni?, then why complain?.

ME: what if she fails her next jamb exam?, madam will sack me that I’m not doing my work

SIKIRAT: there is nothing you can do about it, madam had employed 3 lesson teachers this year before you, whenever they complain to madam about aunty janet’s attitude.

Aunty janet will lie that the teachers want to sleep with her, then madam will sack them.

ME: chaiiiiiiiiiiii . Na wa ooooo. So what do I do now?

SIkirAT: just obey whatever she says if you want to retain your job.

***then I thought to myself, there must be a way out of this, but that is what I don’t know yet.*****

Two month have past since I started my lessons in the white house and my second week of lesson with sikirat. Sikirat has been responding better, she works her assignment very well and still, there is no intimate attraction because sikirat will always wear a big long gown like old mama, and threads her hair with rubber. The following week, sikirat arrived at my house as usual and told me.

SIkIRAT: Oluwale, “we can now be having classes every friday night”

ME: **surprised**. But how? Where? And when?

SiKIrAT: at our house. The white house.

ME: but you know that will not be possible. What about the gateman?. You want to kill me?

SiKIRAT: you have nothing to worry about, I have discussed everything with him. In fact he is happy about it and ready to help. He just wanted to see you for confirmation.

ME: are you sure I’m safe?

SiKIRAT: very sure.

After the lesson, sikirat hugged me and later kiss me as she was leaving for market. I was shocked and my dick rose up.

SIKIRAT: I’m sorry for what I did. I just wanted to appreciate you for your support and classes.

ME: you are welcome.

Sikirat left for the market, returned to my house as usual to drop food stuffs before going back to the white house.

The following Monday. I went to the white house for lessons as usual. When I knocked the gate, the gate man opened and said. “Oga teacher, abeg, I wan see you small oooo”.

We entered his quarters directly beside the gate. He offered me a sit and we started the discussion.

ME: oga peter, u say u wan see me. Hope no problem?

Gateman:. Yes, na sikirat discuss something with me and I wan confirm from you.

ME: and what is that?

***pretends as if I didn’t know anything***

Gateman: she say she don start a lesson at your place but the time no reach, she come say she want make you dey come here every Friday nights when madam and the family go vigil( all night).

ME: yes, she said it. So what are we doing about it?

Gateman: the thing wey go happen be say. You go dey come around 9pm. I go sneak you into my quarters.

And when madam and the family don go church, you go come out go meet sikiratu for inside. And when its 15minutes to 5am. U go come back to my quarters because you no fit go out until 5;30am because of

vigilantes. So when its 5:30am , I go sneak you out of the gate. U hear am?.

ME: oga peter, you get sense. Thank you very much

Gateman: that one na small thing. I dey do am because you be showboy, you dey always buy gala (sausage roll) come for me. And sikirat too na good girl. She dey always add to my food and steal fish for me to chop. I just happy say she wan learn book. But the service na on 2 conditions oooooo.

ME: wetin be the condition?

Gateman: you go dey pay me 5k monthly, and the 2nd one be say, you for not go beyond lesson with sikira oo. Because if she get belley, them go mention my name say na me dey allow guys enter come give am.

ME: se na only that 2?

Gateman: yes

Me: no problem. I be gentle boy and besides, I no dey date sikirat, I just see am as a good friend.

Gateman: ***laughs****, u mean say since all this days wey sikirat dey come your house, you never chop am?.

ME: I swear

Gateman: oga teacher, you don miss ooooo. You see wounded cow, you no slaughter, see na healthy cow you wan come cut.

ME: thank you oga peter, make I dey go meet janet, we go talk later.

I walked into the house to meet janet. She was still rude, bossy and lazy as usual. She only managed to stay 40minutes for the chemistry class before going inside again. I waited for gideon, tutored him and left.

It was Friday, sikirat had called me at 8pm to remind me of our new schedule. I no just get the heart, my mind just dey shake say if dem catch me nko?.

I gather courage went to the white house,sneaked into the gateman’s room as planned. And when the family were out, I left the room. Before I could get to the door, sikirat had opend the main door. You are welcome “she said”.

She took me straight to her room. She had kept a plate of rice and meat for me. She said “that is the food I’m supposed to eat, but I decided to eat the remnants from the pot and keep this for you.”.

Haba, u shouldn’t have done that now, why starve yourself? I said. She replied, you deserve more than that, infact you deserve everything in this world. For you to tutor me free of charge, agreed to pay oga peter 5k monthly and also risk your life to be here at nights, u deserved everything. I was marvelled. I never knew I have done something that important. After eating.. I marked her previous assignment. We did little of mathematics till 11:10pm. Sikirat said she was tired and wanted to take her bath then go to bed. I said ok. Just infront of me, sikirat untied her wrapper from her waist and removed her top. Oh my GOD!!!, she wasn’t wearing anything inside.

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