(Episode 2) Chineeke!!! Madam Selense, a cheap slothful slut combing my father, a jehovah Witness on his matrimonial bed

In quickened steps I walked into my mothers room, pushing the squeaky so fast that my mum raised her head and I could see that she was deep in tears as she was seated on the big bed that laid at the center of the room, embittered as she raised up both hands to the sky and said to me “Your father wants to carry another wife,” I was shocked to my spine as those words rooted my feet to the ground for over

three minutes, and then she added “He said I should move my things to the boys quarters, so that the shameless woman in the parlor can move in!”

Pray never to see a man so drunk in lust, a man who has tasted the sweet ‘nectar’ of a woman he so lust after is worst than a man who is under a spell, if she orders “Slap that army officer, now,” the lust driven man would gladly do it even if he knows he is playing with fire. I dashed out of my mothers room, heading to my fathers room to confront him only for me to run into him in the parlor, he had madam

Selense seated on his bosom while she caressed his beards, I was expecting my father to be startled by my appearance, rather he was emboldened. “Ehn! Enh! Where are you going?, don’t break my tiles with

the way your marching on it” Speechless and confused I stood as I watched my father stand up and then began to dance with madam Selense as ‘E get as dey do me’ by p-square blared through the speakers

in our parlor, I could not stand the mockery and shame from our neighbors so I alienated myself for months.

Exactly one years after that incident, Madam Selense had disappeared into thin air, dad was sacked because he came to work reeking of alcohol many a times, while the landlord had organised street urchins to help throw our properties under the rain. Mama stood there watching withouts saying

anything, I turned to walk towards the landlord, in a bid to beg for mercy when my mother grabbed me by the hand and drew me back as she muttered in a low tone “Leave the landlord to throw away your fathers property, I bought the house from the landlord”

. .. THE END

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  1. serves him right, if only men would learn and listen, reason with their heads and not the tiny head between their laps

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