(Video) See How General Sani Abacha Stolen Money/Fund Was Returned from Liechtenstein To Nigeria

From the office of Ezendigbo-Square (Ndi Kwe Ndiekweghi), Mmiri Nsi, Chaka De Zulu, Nwankita Huru Ogu Ju Nri. As we learnt recently that the currently elected Nigerian, President Muhammadu Buhari has declared his assets and his Vice-President Yemi Osinbajo has followed suit.

The President has not appointed his ministers since he was sworn into office on May 29, 2015 due to some technical reasons. According to his promise to all Nigerians, he will fight against corruption and looters of public fund will have to answer some questions. As part of his drive to stamp out corruption, it is obvious that he will leave no stone unturned to ensure that embezzlers of public fund will be seen by special drycleaners. The drycleaners will want to know what type of clothes the rogue politicians wear, where they bought the clothes from and what they did (prior to the time they took up posts in Nigerian government) to amass the huge amount of money used to purchase the luxurious clothing / buildings they currently possess private jets.

The fact remains that the previous military juntas and politicians (Political criminals) have looted the Nigerian treasury. About more than $150,000 billion was looted from the previous Nigerian government administrations that ran Nigeria for almost two decades, according the BBC world news Africa.

Nigerian people lack essentials necessities for human such as clean water supply, public schools, healthcare facilities or hospitals, good roads, electricity to mention but a few. These military juntas and political criminals are so heartless and do not have the interest of the Nigerian populace at heart. Everything revolves around them while the majority of Nigerian populace are wallowing around in hunger and most of them have been reduced to mare scroungers despite the fact that Nigeria has almost everything in abundance. More than 160 000 000 million Nigerians are living under $1 per day, based on World Bank records. But their rulers looted $150,000 billion of the country’s wealth and banked them abroad. These avaricious men and women are enjoying Nigeria’s wealth only themselves and their family members. Their children are either studying abroad or are constantly travelling abroad on holidays at the expense of the Nigerian tax-payers.

Most of the Nigerian State Governors go out on convoys with armed policemen and soldiers, intimidating and harassing their own citizens. Their actions and sometimes inactions contribute to the rate at which crime is escalating in Nigeria, for example workers are owned wages for months and sometimes up to one year. Some have no work at all and the resultant effect of this is obvious-robbery, thieving, 419, kidnapping and drug peddling. Nigerian youths are on the streets homeless and without any hope. Some parents who are blessed with children cannot afford the basic human needs for their children. This is outrageous and a crime against humanity. No jobs for the postgraduates’ mater degree holders even some are PHDs. Well some are left with no option than to opening Churches only for them to defraud vulnerable people in the name of Christianity.



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