1. Gbam, my brother. You are very right, they are all thieves. Men of God my ass. Look at them, let stop deceiving our self and start speaking out.

  2. ode ni e o bisii. Have u conidered that this is most likely a gift from one of his RICH members? I do not really support use of planes by MOGs, but d most likely thing is that its a gift. Your whole generation may not b able to contribute a tenth of what this man has contributed personally to the growth of Nigeria, and I’m not referring to the church he heads. If I mention that one aaaaaa! Boda bisi, se ti logun yin leni?

  3. Bisi Alimi, this is unfair and unwelcome reaction from you. But, you’re entitle to your opinion. When did you become Chief Justice of the Kingdom of God; the book of Mat 7:1-2 says that “judge not, that ye be not judged; For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged: and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again.” You can’t wash-up your mouth at an anointed man of God. May God forgive you because you did not know what you are doing.

  4. 100 percent right. If these men of God so loved Christ as they claim, why not build schools that the poor could afford, tar roads that the poor could use, build hospitals that the poor could be attended to. Provide meals for those living in abject poverty. These pastors preach good sermons all the time but what they do on a daily basis is tantamount to living the life of the Anti Christ. Pastor Adeboye and co, you should open your eyes and look around you and see the poverty in the land. Use YOUR money TO Uplift PEOPLE AND NOT YOUR sermons. Sermons will not put food on the table but only a Godly heart. Your money should not be used as instrument of intimidation like buying worldly goods like jet planes and expensive cars. These don’t bring real conversion of souls but good works. Christ backed up his sermons with good works A word is enough for the Wise. Church members, open your eyes.

  5. Adelove, I personally think people should stop publicizing the crap this guy writes. It is full of bullshit. Even if the news is true, i believe that everyone has a right to decide their religion and place of worship. If it hurts him so much, he should write to the pastor himself. He is so angry because christianity preaches against homosexuality and so anything anti-homo is hateful to him and his likes.

  6. Truth!I woke from my slumber tey tey the day one pastor woman said I must bring 5k before she prayed for me. I walked away and never looked back. I went to God in prayer and he still answered me

  7. Adelove who is this Bisi that will not mind his biz,if any one is acting like idiot is u Bisi Alimi b/c u r not pok nosing into another person’s biz

  8. Ohhh my God! I so much like this guy! It’s high time we knew that religion is aan opium of the masses and so many Nigerians are so high on this opium.

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