Imams warns Muslims not to accept Fayose’s rams

The League of Imams and Alfas in Ekiti has ordered Muslims in the state not to collect rams and other food items for Sallah celebration, if presented to them in any form by the state government.

The League reached the decision at a meeting held on Tuesday at Ansar-u-Deen Society Central Mosque Odo-Otu, Ado Ekiti, where it reviewed the “deliberate marginalisation of Muslim members in Ekiti State Government’s political appointment.”

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The Nigerian Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs and National Council of Muslim Youth Organisation, Ekiti State, had respectively issued statements condemning Governor Ayodele Fayose for neglecting Muslims in appointments.

The All Progressives Congress in Ekiti State, in a statement by its Publicity Secretary, Taiwo Olatunbosun, had also described “Fayose’s treatment of Muslims in terms of appointment in the state” as “the worst since the state was created.”

The party claimed Ekiti Muslims were not given up to one per cent of the appointments made by Fayose’s administration.

In a communiqué issued at the end of the meeting, the League said, “Based on the above, the League, Ekiti State Council, hereby resolved that no Muslim in the state should collect rams and other food items, if presented to them in any form by the government.”

The communiqué was signed by the state’s Assistant Secretary, League of Imams and Alfas, Alhaji Quadri Oguntuase; a Representative of Ansar-u-Deen Missioner, Fatai Jimoh and Chief Imam, Ilogbo, Imam Abdul Rasak.

It added, “Any Muslim that collects such rams or food items under any guise has taken Haram (Unlawful) and the punishment of the Almighty Allah awaits the person. (Quran 71 verse 28).”

“This order stands until the government accedes to our demands as earlier published.”

Fayose had distributed chickens and rice to indigenes during the last Christmas celebration in the state as part of his stomach infrastructure policy.



  1. I actually thought they would give a very good reason why they don’t want them to accept his gifts until they said what they said. This is just another way of inciting more problems in the state.

  2. True. But if I may ask, did Fayose ever promised such?? Or must govt be responsible for religious activities including pilgrimage? For me, i think govt should distance itself from any form of religious activities!

  3. Yoruba hypocrisy! If your calls made Ayatullah Buhari to go for Church services and gave you guys Ambode in Lagos, your Ekiti brothers have every right to cry for marginalization if you really marginalized them. After all Nigeria is a zoo

  4. imams should go and preach to boko haram to change their mindset and respect human dignity with the fear of God and stop inciting ekiti people base on religious lines.

  5. This isnt the only thing most of this clerics do, they are one of the causative agents to the chaos we have in most parts of Nigeria. If you live in the northern part of the Country, you will testify to that

  6. I doubt if u are a Muslim. You don’t have to call the Imams bigot to make your point. If u say there is no Haram involved, what make it Halal?

  7. Ha ha ha, the past Presido distributed dollars to many his friends christian leaders and visited nearly all big churches in Lagos during the tail end of his administratio

  8. These religious bigots of Imams and Alfas molesting underage girls. Now they are into politics promoting Boko Haram agenda like Buhari. Yeye de smell.

  9. You should keep your mouth where it should be. Are Muslims not par of Ekiti why marginalise them. Muslims tolerate other religions politically than any religion. If Fayose is a Muslim, a lot would have been saying on this forum. Ekiti Deputy is also a Christian will christian allow Muslim – Muslim Ticket in South West without outcry. Say the truth for once its better in your life than cover the fasehood.

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