(Episode 7) The Adventures i face as home tutor to Janet, a girl,19, well endowed with massive B00bs

ME: what really happened?

JANET: I use to have a boyfriend, his name was kingsley. He is the one who deflowered me and I love him so much.

ME: so what went wrong?

JANET: I loved him with everything, my life, my parent’s money, my everything

******wanted to cry***

ME: its ok Janet, but you still haven’t told me what happened.

JANET: he said he is no longer interested in me


ME:****placed my hand on her back, drew her closer*****.

What did he say that happened?, And why?, what did he say your offence was?

JANET: he said I am proud, arrogant, rude and bossy.

(I smiled, comforted her, wiped her tears and cuddled her)

ME: ******for my mind, shebi, that one na true*******

That day marked the beginning of my friendship with janet. We chatted and cracked jokes for the first time for some hours. I left her later.

I got home, dropped my phone on my bed and tried to catch some sleep when I got a new whatsapp message, “thanks so much for your words of comfort, and thanks for making me smile today”.

This is my whatsapp number”. I smiled and saved it.

Day after day, week after week, janet and I became closer to the point where we exchange calls and texts everyday, we chatted till late nights. I graduated from sitting room conversations to following her into her room on many occasions. One day while in Janet’s room, a text came in from sikirat, “oluwale, we have to talk”.

****Chaiii, sikirat is getting uncomfortable.****

On next market day, sikirat came around as usual. But this time, she wore a frown on her face.

SiKIRAT: what is going on between you and aunty Janet?

ME: there is nothing going on. I’m just trying to make friend with her so as to persuade her to take her lessons serious and pass her exams.

SIKIRAT: ****sad face****, oluwale , it’s a lie, I have been noticing the two of you recently oooooo, I know she has been calling you recently, its unfair oooooo, you want to dump me abi?

***wanted to cry**

ME: ****i drew her closer***, I’m not dumping you, you know I like you.

SIKIRAT: I’m scared, I’m not feeling safe, this is my first time of having a graduate boyfriend in my life, this is my first time of loving a guy of this level, I don’t trust you,

ME: why?

SIKIRAT: you may dump me because I am a house girl.

ME: you know I won’t do that.

I patted Sikirat, I drew her mouth closer and planted a kiss on her lips, she responded, which led to hot romance, I walked my hands down her blouse, pulled it off, I found her bosom, I sucked it hard, lick her down to the abdomen, then lifted her long skirt, pull her pant to one side with my finger, exposing her already wet Kitty, tease the clit, sikirat was moaning. I was doing my job on her Kitty, while squeezing her bosom with the left hand. I unzippied my trousers with the right hand. She was moaning heavily without holding my dick. This was strange, the sikirat that I know will grab my dick and do mouth justice to it. But this time she didn’t. My erected dick couldn’t sense that there was a danger ahead.

…. Stay tuned to Episode 8

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  1. I don’t understand what this page is turning into. Children of God shouldn’t be here $ pls respect your old self admin. You think dirty pics will boost your page? Nooo! instead people will begin to bullshit your page,let’s take for instance now. How many people have commented so far? just very few but if it was a good story with a decent picture you already know the rest.. Be warned! If its all about nudity just indicate it $ I’m opting out now.

  2. What will then be the gain of Sikirat if the guy leave him for Janet and what is Sikirat’s plan to surprise this guy

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