See Photos of the new private jet Pastor Adeboye allegedly bought

Earlier today, report gathered that pastor Adeboye bought himself a brand new Gulfstream G550 luxury jet.

“Pastor Adeboye’s Gulfstream G550 luxury jet was manufactured in Savannah, Georgia State in the US.

The jet, which was made in 2013 is far newer than the one bought by Pastor TB Joshua. Pastor Adeboye took delivery of his brand new jet in May 2015. e learned that, with the arrival of the US-registered jet, N730EA Gulfstream G550, Pastor Adeboye has jettisoned an older Gulfstream GIV with tail number N707EA that used to ferry him around the world on his preaching missions. Our sources said the leader of the Redeemed Church personally owns Emmanuel Aviation to which the two jets are registered both in the US and Nigeria.

A LIB source just sent me exclusive photos of the alleged private jet. In the photos sent to me, the cleric boldly emblazoned his initials ‘EA’ alongside the RCCG logo of a dove on the tail of the plane. See the photos below…





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  1. Humans are animals……we are not different from other animals ……… but for the love God has for us he gave us power over all………pls dnt judge ….. but help if you can.

  2. Eyahh…. I just pity u. Your case deserves a team of pastors, doctors and haberlists to cure. Was that how Christ lived His life while on earth? Learn to use your brain. Don’t just swallow all you are told hook, line and sinker.

  3. To God be d glory. Guess those against it have not tasted the agonizing experience @ our airports with flight delays & cancellations. I believe Pa Adeboye will not go into such without justification. I don’t see him as one given to a luxurious lifestyle. Missing one mission for the Lord may cost more than the jet. Let us respect his judgement. May God continue to use hiim as His battle axe. Safety always.

  4. Pls dont jump into conclusion, we can never be certain how he acquired the Jet, let not assume he bought it, I won’t be surprised if it was a gift….

  5. To me if there’s one Pastor that needs it, I think it is Pastor Adeboye, because of the amount of Churches he is in charge of all over the world. For others I don’t really understand but God knows beast.

  6. We hv many un tamed xtian’s who don’t know what to say yet can’t close their chanel o. Even if d pastor is sold to feed d members their will still be poor members. Jesus rode d donkey dat no one ever sat on, and people were using their cloth on d donkey and cutting branches of tree so dat d donkey won’t step on bare ground and our Lord didn’t stop them. Read Ur bible b4 U talk. Dats if U hv one.

  7. I bless the name of God for this provision of the device needed as a means of transportation for the propagation of the Gospel of Christ in this erA of Great awakening that God is bringing to the world. Baba Adeboye each time I remember what God said about you, I also pray for the same grace that u have and also to pray to have good ending. Definitely as you are in third phase of ministry and adult phase you are still filled with the Spirt of God no wonder you are still doing his work for night night cometh wen u would rest. I pray for that same grace sir.

  8. “Seek ye first the Kingdom of God, all other things shall be added unto you”. If unbelievers are buying these on daily basis, talk more a man of God. “The Lord shall supply all my needs according to his riches in Glory”… If you like comment/lament it won’t change what The Lord has done or about to do. This isn’t even nothing compares to what’s coming!!! I pray The Lord

    • Those Imams, knows where they were spending there money on, let look @ ISIS, boko haram,& all terrorists, the whole world are finding it difficult to over come them ‘cos, they have money more than their country. Who is sponsoring them?
      For Baba Adeboye, if Baba mount the pulpit say, for d work of God, our church need jet & said tonight we must contribute towards it. I want to tell u dt only one person can afford to buy it, if Baba mention 1 jet, the money they will contribute will be able to buy 4 jets. Baba is really God sent, no controversy.
      What have u got to say about this, one day, Baba said tonight we need our own transformers in d camp……… he mentioned d amount $millions, only 1 person volunteered to buy it Baba rejected, dt not only one person will take what God promised for whole member, dt everybody must contribute, let me tell u, d amount contributed ws enough to but X4 of what Baba proposed.

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