1. Yap she would do any thing for the mullah her chedars are ruining low she is gone broke so for couple of thousands of bucks she mite even do a porn flick pami has passed her prime career wise

  2. I’m still trying to get the good tyn about bin nude..every crazy freak wants to be nude..av not seen any male star posing nude b4..God av mercy!

  3. That second to last pic is a no no…an insult to my religious belief. There re other ways to seek attention not with God’s pictures

  4. All I see is a pix of the Sacred Heart of Jesus!!!
    Oh dear
    Oh dear
    Oh dear
    Now I appreciate how Muslims feel against that French magazine.

  5. next to a trash can,on the street curb,could we have gotten any more trashy shots,if your 48 and still wanna Flaunt it around,do a classy shot at least,ugh!…flaunt that!

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