(Episode 3) Choi, my dirty little secrets with my attractive landlord’s daughter

After all the needed action with her, I laid on top of her for a while and she still held me. Only then did i realise that the power was out and everywhere was hot and we were both sweating. I got off her and she just looked at me…..no smiles, no joking words, nothing except a look of satisfaction on her face. She slowly got up and cleaned her body with my towel, found her blouse, put it on and tied her wrapper as well. Then went into the sitting room, took the items i gave to her and left, not saying a word. I stood there naked, watching her leave, satisfied and confused.

The next couple of days was awkward for me. I would leave in the morning and come back in the evening when it was dark (talk about a hen being pursued by the round). The way she left that day kept me watchful. One evening i was coming in when i met her at the gate leaving, she smiled and greeted me very well, i was relieved. As we were chatting, making little jokes, she put an arm on my hand in a familiar way.

Out of nowhere her last daughter (who happens to be one of those that i like) surfaced. We each took a step apart and ended our conversation abruptly and headed on our seperate ways. She greeted me as i walked past her as i answered her with a smile. That has never happened cos i always greet them with little or no expression, but never with a smile. She seemed to almost pause but continued on her way.

Maybe she saw us i thought, maybe she knows what’s going on. Guilt washed it’s way down my body as i went into my house. I didn’t see her again until a couple of days later, on a saturday afternoon when i was driving out and she was leaving the compound as well. As the security man was opening the gate, she walked past me. I drove out and stopped beside her, asked her which way she was going and it happened that i could drop her off along the way so i invited her to join me. She did and we drove in silence. I turned on the radio and was laying my ‘don’t play your rock and roll to me’ by smokie, listening to it when she interrupted me. She asked luntly, “why do you not like talking to people?”. It took me unawares that she’ld care to know but i replied and told her that i do talk to people ofcourse, but i just mind those i talk to. And she asked “like me?”.

I didn’t know what to say and i said the what seemed like the smartest thing that came to my mind “it’s not the way you see it”. Not knowing what else to say i added “i’m talking to you now”. She smiled. After a while, she said “my mum seems to like you. She keeps saying that you’re the best tenant that she has”. She said that without taking her eyes off me.

Without looking at her, i know she was looking at me so i concentrated on my driving. After a while i glanced her way and our eyes met and i hurriedly looked away, that seemed to satisfy her. Now i know that she knows that something is up between her mum and i, maybe she knows not what it is but she definitely knows that something is up. I tried to change the subject by complaining about the traffic building up, she obliged the conversation and we started chatting about other things.

Soon i found myself really having a good conversation with her. She’s smart and has a nice laugh. She humours my jokes and suddenly i was attracted to her. Soon i got to where i’ld drop her off and i stopped, she got out, thanked me and bid me farewell with a “see you later”. As i pulled out of the curb, i thought “you bet”. Two days passed without us seeing each other. On the third day, I came home early and met her at the gate seeing off a friend of hers. We greeted and i went in, few minutes later someone knocked on my door… Guess who?

…. Stay tuned to Episode 4

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